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855-242-7285. I realized we've had a number of guests. We'll try to get as many calls as we can and check in with Phil in Valdosta, Georgia. Hey Phil. Hey Paul, how old is coach golden looking first? And I know on TV looks kind of like a red shirt sophomore, but does he look that young in person? You know, I tried not to make say that because I have a feeling other people have. But yeah, I mean, he looked like he might be the graduate assistant when you're out of school. It looks like it on TV. Look, I just wanted to call real quick. I tuned in late yesterday and called legends hit on the sets and I like legend. I think he's very entertaining. But I thought it was just funny why he beat up on sets and I mean, knocked them off the mountain? Correct. I mean, legend apparently is forgotten that fourth quarter. All right, I mean, shouldn't they be talking about how good he was? I mean, about how a walk on dethroned Bama. I just thought it was kind of funny. How they just can not get the sets and things, especially legend out of his mind, but Paul, most of us dog fans, we just can not wait for next December. Maybe that third, fourth day, I don't know what the FTC championship is, but that Kirby can turn them loose and

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