Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Parkinson's Disease discussed on The Conservative Circus w/ James T. Harris


Who is is is keeping keeping black folks down. Al Sharpton is is amazing. It is amazing how? Whenever you want to have a an American of African descent. Speak for all the other Americans of African. WHO said the Democrats give us? Al Sharpton before Al Sharpton. They used to give us Jesse, Jackson but Jesse Jackson is now suffering from Parkinson's disease may mean man. You know his family. It'd be blessed. Al Sharpton has take over the mantle. and. Of course, one of the other memorial services, we had al Sharpton talking about how black folks could have done much better. But of course we couldn't because white folks. Knee was on our neck. Since four hundred and one years ago. The reason we could never be who we wanted dream to be in. Is You kept your knee on our neck? You kept your knee. On our neck. Powerful symbolism from L., Sharpton. Using the death the floyd. To cascade all white, people. All white people but particularly Republicans. Kept their knee. On our neck. Symbolism. Over substance my friends. That's what we're dealing with symbolism over substance. Can we have an honest conversation about race? Not As long as Democrats still have power. or breath in their lungs. Riley as year this morning, nine fifty on five fifty J of Li- i Don FM and ninety five point five hd two. You're listening. To the conservative circus I, am your ringmaster James T Harris? Can we abby honest.

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