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A. B. R. A. N. D. dot com slash four three P. E. R. C. E. N. T. to get twenty percents off your dress pants yoga pants today there is this kind of step where it's like well are you going to get into management are keep doing what you're doing tonight are everybody likes different things if we're going for diversity trying to get everybody to want the same things as the exact opposite in part of the reason that I suggest for let me give you a personal example of why I don't WanNa be CEO in extrapolate. I'm very like I said I'm very creative person I like to dig into the work and solve problems and really create stuff which is not what you doing your manager your linear your opera your operational person and you are in a position of formal authority right and so I don't want to be a CEO for many reasons one is you know I really prefer balance and and it's just not interesting to me as a creative person in that's what happened to me Google which was I couldn't be promoted above the level that I was without starting to manage more and more people which is just something that I didn't wants to do I'm an entrepreneur loves starting things and so I guess I have sort of an idealistic view that if there were more women who were the mark soccer Berg though right like who are the ones starting at that the policies that maybe they they set forth could could radically transform you know as as earlier in her career and has to pay for childcare and the childcare is eating up you know huge percentage of our take home pay and the same time it's certainly not enough to give that child care provider a quality of life and so on like we it seems like we just there's I feel like we as a society don't necessarily put our dollars behind the things we say we care about you know in a really really interesting to your point if we did I think not really because you have to take into account the power structure it's a very uneven power structure person above you has almost total power over you and then as you get higher in that structure her to power it becomes more concentrated is the word I'm looking for so it's not just a collection people because a collection of people assume that there's some sort of even power dynamic in the best you know wins or something like that and I- power structures are really hard to chain in you know CEO is really unlikely to change anything about that structure because it's a threat to their power so I do think that the change experience and childcare you know for the younger years none of it matches what happens in the corporate environment none of it so it's like it causes on nobody wants to talk about it because you feel like you're complaining about your job but it is actually really stressful which is really another big hi Leeann they make you feel like if you AH women have and so I hope that by being honest about them and putting them out on the table that we can sort of address these structural issues that are so much more of the so much more the source than a culture that and have an awesome week.

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