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Bury. You. Bury. Andrea, so Vanik Garay while he got a little puppy. WACK and back, and you know what I like. The rest of his interview he was needs impressive, good guy. Lately just. The notion that why am I sitting here wasting half hour with you guys when I gotta be long on the draft where I'm always library hours like, please please pick me. Being so nervous and you do have some sort of script, and when they go off of it, it's panic time, but a Vanik I. Don't know if you remember. Frozen four one of the most dominant performance ever when Minnesota beat Unh I think that was very impressive break. You just mentioned. The Guy Wanted Ash. About last time. We never got to a Pat Quinn How much how essential was he'd you as your first few days as a front office guy? was He like a real mental? Until you guys had a lot in common I've been lucky I've had. Three well my dad was so have had four, but my dad was. My was my mentor and I. LL IS THEM He passed away a few years ago, but I've been lucky. I played for l'amiral for four years. And you learn so much guy like that that I worked for pack. Plan Work for Gary Bettman and all three of them as a major learning curve. They're all. Back was one of the finest people that ever walked on this planet. Any was smart. His top and he was fair like. When is the young executive I wanted to be pat. I remember that's why we're couplings. Remember I want him. One Damn pats his. What's what's what the shirts? and. I'm my, what are you talking about? They had two tie like this and at black soon on an address like when I was a lawyer. He says what's with, he said. What's the shirts as to? What's the matter with my shirt? He goes real. Men Wear cufflinks, so and back to my opposite, the Taylor and ordered a bunch of French caps shirts, so I wear now I just I wanted to be pat. On the. Dick?.

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