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Visit US at metro bath dot com. Bathroom remodeling. It's what we do. It's all we do. 9 18 traffic and weather on the eight and we get back to Jack Taylor, now in the traffic center. Right in Virginia Park. Police gave us some great news. Can you smell the sarcasm? The South found George Washington Parkway before 1 23 closed right now. Unfortunately, a large tree came down in the roadway, and authorities on scene said this is going to take at least an hour or so until they can reopen the South. Um George Washington Parkway plan ahead on Route one Down in Stafford. I believe that closed in both directions between courthouse wrote an American Legion road there. We had a serious crash, Authorities on scene have suggested. From Vida to use I 95 Instead the crash cleared and falls Church. It was westbound Arlington Boulevard near Cherry Street Lanes are open. There was an incident in the media, and the crash was on the Fairfax County Parkway south of the Burke Center Parkway, 66 in both directions between Natalie and 1 23 along the left side of the split, both sides blocked because of high standing water. Slow traffic coming into the district on D. C to 95. Lanes are open headed toward East Capitol Street. They are not open on Canal Road. It is closed between Fox all Road and Reservoir because of a down tree and wires. There was a wreck South Bend on Georgia Avenue near Piney Branch, Road, Northwest and Good News Outbound New York Avenue near Florida Avenue. That crashes cleared. You're traveling is open Beltway was still a little bit heavy, coming through college Park on the inner loop in Maryland. Down near Kennel Worth Avenue crash was moved over onto the shoulder. I believe the left lane still blocked on the inner loop between 3 55 in Connecticut Avenue. Although they could get everything off to the left shoulder. One car was facing the wrong way. The late delay out of Frederick on 2 70 south after 80 in her Bana stay right to get by that crash, a wreck westbound on the I. C C before New Hampshire Avenue blocked the left lane. All right. 50 out of the Bay Bridge eastbound. You've got your two lanes. Now, The westbound left lane is blocked on the westbound span that is for to a preparation. It just hasn't started yet. On the rails. Metro's orange line train service suspended between Vienna and West Falls Church with the power problem had done lowering shuttle buses have been established. Businesses on the eastern shore are thrilled to have you back. Show your support by going early and staying late. For 24 7 Bay Bridge Traffic call.

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