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So I think he's going to go a little bit higher than most patriots fans want them to take a running back, but Karen Williams from Notre-Dame is an awesome third down running back prospect, right? He's somebody that can pass protect and catch the football. Lands airlines come for him as Dion Lewis, right? So he's somebody that can really play that role in a high, high level. So maybe an end of the third round type of guy probably the top 100, maybe a little bit too early for the Patriots to take a running back, but Karen Williams from Notre-Dame. We can definitely play that James White role. He probably won. The one thing I would say to that is I think James cook is a very comparable player. He'll probably go 2025 pixel later. Right. And that's how the Patriots approach this, right? I think they'll look at that spot and say we could grab Williams now or we can realistically wait until our next pick get cooked. I just think they go that way. So the running back car is a staggered really weird. Yeah, or even like a CJ verdell later on in the draft. He's later, yeah, CJ riddell. And clusters and all that kind of stuff. This is where we get into that with Karen Williams. Let's talk about defense, more important than running back anyways. Defensive line. Can I get one more on the offense side of the ball? Real quick, yeah. I know you didn't want to do tight ends. Nope. But there's a guy named Connor Hayward at a Michigan state. He was a running back for two years converted to tight end. He's a big dude. He's 6 foot two 30. He's not quite a move fullback, but he's a full backpack and can give you a little something in the passing game. He's a really unique player. He was at the senior bowl. He's a guy who's going to be on the radar. He's a guy who kind of has that different. I think there could be, they're going to bring in at least one full back. I think from undrafted free agency to even if they resign Jakob Johnson, the one thing that we've watched them do in the last couple of years, Ben mason, and Vitale is potentially trying to get somebody that can catch some passes from that thought too and not just be a lead blocker. So this is Hayward. Again, 'cause he caught 30 passes when he moved to tight end this year. He also was among the team leaders in special teams tackles. He covers kicks. So he screams day three developmental patriots pick and I'm blanking on his first name again. I just said it's Connor right, yeah. Connor Hayward out of Michigan states a guy to watch..

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