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And recognize my handwriting. All over sometimes Michigan Scrawling sometimes careful and precise but one that I had had carved with my own hand and I wouldn't have been able to do this without employing a woman's right to choose. Yeah it almost felt like there was a bit of counter programming against the apathy of the hosts to who had who had specifically scolded people so in advance about giving political speeches and I think people kind of took that as an opportunity to stick their thumb and it was a different globes to me right. The Globe says in the past. It's been kind of the tipsy Oscar. The kind of the Sillier funnier drunker. This did not feel like that to me. This felt with a couple of exceptions. Tiffany OUGHTA shoot you. Heard in the intro when the award for Chernobyl was announced saying Noble as perhaps no one ever had kind of a you get at a car you get but other than that. It didn't feel that way. What you're what you're indicating? There's a lack of energy which was again the apathy apathy of the host leaches into the preceding when something like When Kate McKinnon comes out to do our introduction to Ellen Degeneres and she's just kind of striking out with this great forceful do a arm swinging dry? Then you're like okay. Somebody's here to have fun. Yeah so who do you think. The chances have increased decreased. have a I mean again. We've we've talked about many times but the globe does its own thing but I do get the sense. That Brad Pitt's chances went on following this because there's a lot of momentum at the back of once upon a time in Hollywood in general I I think Laura dern chances went up she for supporting actress For Marriage Story I think J.LO's chances I don't know I don't know what to make of J. Chances. That was kind of a weird. Let's not forget Jaylo nominated for Hustler's didn't win lost to Laura Dern I admire both of those performances in very different very different ways I mean you definitely definitely had some foregone conclusions that were cemented I th. I was very happy to see parasite win for foreign language film. I really liked that Renee Zellweger performance in Judy that won for best best actress in a drama. I will talk more about that. I think closer to to Oscar season. As far as WHO's chances went up or down. I don't see a lot of momentum. Some for the Irishman with the way with no wins you don't see a lot of momentum for the two popes shut out dolemite is my name got shut out. I think nine hundred seventeen in winning best drama gives that movie a certain amount of momentum going into the announcement of Oscar nominations. That's opening wide on Friday. Yeah I think you know one of the things I would normally say. Hey the Globes have nothing to do with the Oscars but you know somebody did point out this week. The Oscar voting period is only like a week long this year. And we're right in the middle of it and it's not that. It's exactly a predictor. But you know maybe you hear about something and it causes you to at least get out and say before a vote. I should see this so maybe you know or if you were thinking well. That's not a plausible winner. That's you know this one's a foregone conclusion maybe this changes your mind and maybe it does affect back to your your vote Anything else you WANNA say before we go justice for forty justice for fair enough. Well that brings us to the end of our show. We want to know what you thought about. The Golden Globe boards find us on facebook at facebook dot com slash PCH or tweet us at PCH. Thanks to both of you for being here and staying up with me you you and of course thank you for listening to pop culture happy hour from NPR if you have a second year so inclined subscribe to our newsletter you can do that. NPR Dot Org Slash pop culture newsletter. We will see you all right back here on Friday..

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