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Zero long Sean Hannity show eight hundred nine four one Sean if you want to be a part of this extravaganza we read it again from this Dr Daniel Wallace Dr Wallace of cedars Sinai in Los Angeles hydroxy core Cohen eight C. Q. plaque one L. same thing very is a very safe drug it's been given the tens of millions of individuals in the world since its approval in nineteen fifty five that's sixty five years and has not been associated with the deaths in the recommended dose in forty two years of practice no patient of mine is ever been hospitalized for eight C. Q. complication outlook check with your doctor I'm not a doctor but I am telling you there it's been it's now being given out all over the world as a treatment for culvert nineteen there was a survey of six thousand three hundred doctors is rated by far the number one treatment option of the doctors surveyed it up piece that was up Los Angeles doctor this was on I think A. B. C. five out ABC seven I think out in Los Angeles Anthony cardio ER specialist prescribing the combination of drugs meeting with this throw my **** and I with people experiencing severe symptoms every patient I prescribed it to has been very very ill and within eight to twelve hours they were basically symptom free so clinically I'm seeing a resolution beds are buying up massive quantities of it are and we have twenty nine million doses and you know Andrew Cuomo still supporting it even though the president again the bills the hospital the staff the hospitals he sends the ships he said the gallons on the respirators in the ventilators and now he's sending a drug Sikora Quinn and governor Cuomo refuses to act reports matters most this report is sponsored by the ad council traffic well a smooth move for the most part now I do want to tell you about a patch of slow goes here we have on two forty and it's mainly in the west bound direction right around the March is very small patch and so no worries for that when meanwhile we've got roadwork on highway seventy eight eastbound between craft road and olive branch south haven the right lane is blocked until five PM Danny Thomas with your traffic this.

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