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That's true i do and in fact the first time i learned how to ride a joke was with these guys and we were working on a sketch for molten north and i was really again here we go the most influential show ever it was very it was like seinfeld only it wasn't i come from magazines and so as a journalist i could think of kind of big concepts but we were doing a story about the reagan white house that's how long ago this was and the line was that the reagans dog was named rex and that greg wrote this joke in how rex would roam the halls late at night and the ghost of abraham lincoln would also roam the halls late at night and it was unclear which one of them was responsible for the small stain on the carpet door member that but it sounds like it's in my wheelhouse and i i remember how it was constructed and kind of going all that's how you do it and couple years later you guys went off to esa now and i got hired at late night with david letterman and one of my great joys was the doing the top ten list every day and you had forty five minutes to write all the jokes you could think of my first one i still remember my first ever entry on the top ten list which was the top ten lease popular summer camps and i slid in at number ten with camp tick and beautiful lyme connecticut.

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