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And so they're probably GONNA be so you'll be seeing their beer around around town quite a bit booze brothers. The my favorite thing about blues brother's booths brothers is another one. That's in the Vista. The Business Park. I love the way they decorated. It feels like a gigantic living room but they also have an outside area with a stage where they sometimes sometimes have bands. They have outdoor bar. Sometimes they opened up that and then they will bring in food and have the people outside intense serving being the food or they'll have a food truck booth brothers. Pretty good pretty good beer. Oh yeah most of these. There's so many places here that are just in industrial L. spaces and they're all pretty much. Everyone of them has has at least good beer in many very good beer did they vary in what they're like inside. A lot of them are pretty plain and they just have have a tasting bar in among their brewery equipment. Pretty much But Blues Brother's is something extra where they yeah just got couches and and the yeah the outdoor area with a stage. So it's really nice place more of hanging out than the other ones. This is also place that you could bring your dog even if you don't like beer here it's a it's a great place just to hang out that'll make yes. This is a this is a lesser known. One that's one of my favorites and it's cool because it's got a theme. He minutes a basic gaming magic the gathering and dungeons and dragons and they have the walls are covered with the game cards and they serve tasters on on wooden battleaxes and things like that. The beer is great. And it's just a fun place to hang out. They even do gaming on certain weeknights. Let's talk about bars and restaurants so one of the bigger areas for restaurants and and their brand new restaurants that have just gone in. It's right there at Presi. PRESI ranch Casero tonkery. Oh yeah great place. That's one of our favorite of the all the new places that are popping up in it's You know there's no shortage of Toco shops around here but this one is way elevated above the other ones all made in house including the tortillas and really great quality food but it's really nice inside inside it's very modern and airy and it's a bar where you can have its inside half of its outside probably the best part of it is the outdoor area. Because it's really comfortable seating. They have all these pillows they have all of these little fire pits that are almost like individual fire pits and it overlooks the whole bracy ranch area. So it's it's fun to sit out there. It's it's a great time. They're open later than most of the places Panini Kebab bad grill also just opened up. Yep Nice Middle Eastern place although they they will do more American style sandwiches as well Really Nice inside inside. Also a combination of indoor and outdoor seating and elevated food. It was really just really kind of interesting and good good and very very fresh about Sushi. Where would you recommend Toyama Sushi which is near the Carlsbad Library and the The Costa Coffee Roasting there are tons of Sushi places around but this one one of our favorites Sushi's great and We especially like they're happy hour. I believe it goes three thirty to five thirty. Where where most of the Sushi is fifty eighty percent off? Okay Beach Plum Cafe what I love about beach plum cafe this is in the vans. Dove Library area is that it's authen tastic breakfast place but they also serve lunch. Just everything is so fresh. I I think that that's like you know. The overwhelming theme of all the new restaurants popping being up is either farm-to-table or just super fresh also owned by the same people. That Own Beach Cafe is Tinley which is more casual. It would be more of a place that you would take kids. You stand in line order your food sit down and they bring it to you but like just even the French fries for example incredible credible French fries and then they have ten different sauces. That you can choose from Chins is going to be kind of right across the street on El Camino real and that's probably our favourite Chinese place. We've tried dozens and dozens of Chinese places in North County. And we think that that that chinses probably the best one on this district is another favorite of ours. This district is in the bracy ranch shopping area casual somewhat somewhat cast. Yeah little little small place that specializes in seafood. You know they'll do everything from you. Know fish and chips type stuff. But then they also will do fish tacos and pokey bowls and things like that so in real good quality if you're looking for good tacos or something called attack. Oh Barr this is going to be a little bit further out. This is over LAS Pozas and San Marcos Boulevard. And we just like it because it's super fresh you can sit there and watch them make the tortillas and everything just just a great place for street Tacos and all sorts of other Mexicans. Yeah this one I mean this one Reminds is you little more More like properly Mexican where caseros great and we love that to Taco bars. Just more of what you would expect which you know across the border. And they'll do the tacos Alpa store their third replace all right. Churchill Churchill's has been one of our favorite places says for at least twenty five years. A huge beer selection their food. I mean it's typical bar food fish and chips and curries. He's yeah it's it's really I think you know one of the premier probably the best beer bar in North County and one it certainly one of the best ones in the entire entire county. It's it's just a classic just the they get some really interesting beer and their Primarily from all around California but also from around the world and they have trivia nights about once a month. So can't wait for that curry and more. There are an awful lot of Indian places around but I think this one's kind of a level above the The other ones in the area they You know it's all you know Y- buffets or anything like that. It's all fresh made and just I don't it just it just just the quality is what makes me wanNA come back there. Her right and one more To restaurants more breakfast places than anything else else mama cats. This is one of my favorites. It's on San Marcos Boulevard in in San Marcos and what I love about at this place is this is probably the best eggs benedict I've ever had and we have tried several in everywhere San Francisco. You name it where they were always voted did the best and I swear Mama. Cats does better than any of them. They're they're definitely our favorite breakfast place after having other favorites as soon as we discovered this one. It's like wow there way beyond and the other interesting thing about this place is it's more of a destination. They've done some interesting things with it. They are so crowded and so busy. They opened up a gift shop and the gift shops really cool local craftspeople artisans. That put their stuff on consignment. There they've got a place for some games games like cornhole in front and they're just trying to keep people occupied they even put in a Barista station so that you could have your coffee or tea or whatever while you're waiting eating but those weights can get long can easily be an hour so you either want to get there really really early or later on can of after the big breakfast rush and and they do also do lunch and then another place for breakfast is donuts now. Usually we are not that into donuts. But we've got three three kids that love donuts on special occasions we will go to foster's donuts. That's off of San Marcos Boulevard in Rancho Santa Fe and I have to say out of all the the donut places that we have tried including crispy cream. We think that this one is definitely the best place does not look like much. It's a hole in the wall. They have these guys have been doing this for for decades and you know really good quality all the time and just just great donuts They the only take cash so be before warned and then let's talk a little bit about music. There are a few places appear North County that you might find some music doc. There's GonNa be a lot more and we'll talk about those another episodes to but old California Coffee House a few days a week. They will have some live music and then Aztec brewing aspect. Brewing is over there. Off of Sycamore and La Morada close to some of the other places we mentioned the To plink winery twisted horn. Yeah and supposedly. They've got such a music scene going on a friend of mine. WHO's a touring musician said that he knows of five people that have been picked up from there to do national tours because bands will go there and look talent? So that's it. We have done our our best to cover parts of Kosta and a little bit of San.

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