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Two words upper case into the discount code box ought to skier is probably the best on the market and I stand by and vouch for it in a market where not every piece of gear is made to the same exacting standards. So if you haven't already checked it out check it out now all right. Let's talk with Sheena McNally. I have been diving with Sheena out of apnea Bali these past couple of weeks. And it's been a real pleasure. I was excited to get her on the show and have for share her story. She not likes to fly under the radar but as she starts diving regularly into the nineties. She's not gonna be able to do that much longer. She's on her way to being truly one of the best female free divers in the world and she's only just getting started daylight here. I know but Happy International Women's Day. I have another couple of great girls coming up on the show in the next few weeks including the phenomenal. Mirella Kirdassah Vich and hopefully finally that Fatima Karach episode that still in the making. It's all coming in good time slowly slowly and in two days I will be interviewing the truly legendary Guillaume Nary so if you are a patron of the show please send in your questions for Guillaume Anelle. Do my best to work them into the interview. I already have quite a lot already but I'll choose the best ones of course. That's going to be an epic one and coming soon. Another couple of boys dean show and Adam sellers much much demanded guests on the show. Finally getting.

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