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And McNeil intersection in northwest Austin including the H. E. B. chipotle and Sam Tighe we have a full list of locations and dates on our website newsradio kale B. J. dot com more information will be released at a morning news conference the health department says if you have had both rounds of the MMR vaccination you are protected Rachel merece say newsradio kale BJ and the city is asking people to call the doctor immediately if you were in any of those areas and develop a fever before January first however they do ask you not just show up at your doctor's office would call first to ensure the same as preventative way not to spread of this virus police in cedar park reporting officer involved shooting early Sunday morning police said the suspect told them he was going to shoot passing cars and then himself exact location was not given but the suspect forty seven year old markets Perry has been known to frequent the intersection of Baghdad road and white still Boulevard police search the area for Perry and requested air support from the department of public safety police located Perry in a wooded area near west white stone Boulevard and say he was carrying what appeared to be a rifle Perry started moving towards the officers and when they shine their flashlights Adam he raises the rifle and that's when the officers fired he was treated on the scene and transferred to the hospital where he is reportedly in stable condition he remains in police custody as the case is ongoing eight oh four time now for a look at Austin's on time traffic with Patrick band Hey thirty five north bound in San Marcus is still shut down also seeing some heavy delays when eighty three south bound at one topless Dr your next report is eight fifteen and Patrick Dennehy with Austin's on time traffic sunshine today with some milder afternoon will have highs right around seventy degrees from the weather center on heather's air.

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