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Has come out with a Bruce Springsteen Emoji ahead of the release of his new album. It shows him with one hand in the air about to strum his guitar. Wins news time. 9 37 As I see you read article after article, See TV show after TV show The normal person out there in the street cannot overcome their fear to get to the analytical part is whole process. I'm not afraid of and I'm actually ready for a recession. Crash of value of anything and everything. Why? It is the opportunity to do incredible stuff. But that's my analytical brain. The United States has a very strong economy. We will return to our basic economic foundation is not gonna be the end of the world for everyone, but you do need to take some action. And some actions will be more productive than others. And one of the things that I think you can do now is take this time. Like you said. Hell, people are gonna be sitting at home and you have a time right now to change your life. Make what? You have work for you. You need to get into lifestyles right now. Join us for our free online workshop register at lifestyles unlimited workshop dot com. Wins news time. 9 38 now 10 10 wins Entertainment News one Fleetwood Mac Song is back of the charge. Thanks to ticked off for the first time since 1977 Fleetwood Mac's Dreams is back on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. Song sitting at number 21 all thanks to a guy on a skateboard. Nathan Apodaca, better known as dogface to await made a tic tac of himself cruising down the street on a skateboard while drinking ocean spray cran raspberry juice and lip sinking. Stevie Nicks is lyrics. The video went viral, closing in on 50 Million views with copycat videos by everyone from Dr Filled a Mick Fleetwood himself. The videos also boosted the album Dreams is on rumors to number 13 on the Billboard 200 album chart correspondent Jason Nathan Sin Metallica will be doing A special acoustic show and host an auction to benefit there all within my hands Charitable foundation..

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