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Caught offside with edry. Gummy and jj davani. Oh yes. Quote offside in the suburbs of new york city apartment in brooklyn new york. Andrew gone louis. Jj davani bonus. Podcast the us men defeating jamaica. Two nil world cup qualifying. What's up brother. It was It was nice to have a game to watch andrew after a busy day of football mostly off the field. It was good to watch the. Us play and play. Well it's the least amount of notes. I've ever taken during a us men's national team game. I don't know if that's good or bad. It's unprofessional really. How dare you. What's unprofessional will will be relinquishing our duties. Which is always to post game podcast. Yeah that is why we're here. Of course the us just wrapped up I i really enjoyed that game like even you know. We'll go through it moment by moment player by player to a certain extent but like even the first half you know. We went to the locker room hill. But i didn't feel it wasn't like some of these other world cup qualifiers where we went to the half and a tie and it was just like yuck you felt dirty and like oh i got a shower. After that i felt i you know i still felt like they were doing the right things. They just hadn't been able to find that finishing touch in the final third even had some nice build up play in the final third. They just couldn't finish off the moves. But i felt pretty good even even at that point in the game. Yeah there wasn't a. They didn't create a ton of chances. We'll get to the referee and decisions. Which definitely played a part in that first half but there was a good flow to what they were trying to I thought they moved between the lines. Really well. They picked out their passes. They got their full box high. I thought antony robinson was a constant threat. What it's one of those things outside of tactics. That i really like to see was the intensity of the site. You know they were looking to get this done. They were looking to be on the front foot. They were looking to move the ball quickly. They were looking to do things quickly all the time. How many times in this game including in the lead up to a gold. Do we see matt. Turner quickly shovel the ball out. Get it moving. Don't wait around. Don't dwell on it. Get the ball moving. I thought they were bringing performances from brennan aronson. Yunus mussa obviously peppy with his goals. Well let's let's slow down. You're just now. You're just firing off names. He was great. He was great moving on moving on. I mean come on now. Sorry you add moving on. I'm happy to luxuriate in these names. I'm happy to take a bath. Wa- all those names lead save. Let's bathe with paul arriola for a second if we might because i would. I'll tell you what i would love to. Because since he came back from that pretty bad injury he has. He's got some nice muscles. So i wanna go backwards to something you said about a minute ago in talking about the intensity that the us brought tonight there will always be people when the team sheet is announced when the starting eleven is announced. There will always be certain names that when they appear some. Us fans will have issues with them. Inherently we know those names artis is one not tonight even starting came on as a sub legit is one jan. I sometimes find that. Paul arriola is one. You know guys who played in the last That they all have that common thread. We all want our european players playing. But paul arriola tonight did a thing. Where it's very easy for me to see why he has endeared himself to greg bear alter because i remember back to bear halters initial press conference when he was asked what is. What do you want to do here. What is going to be at a greg. Bear halter style of play and he talks about disorganising. The opposition creating chaos. Helping doing those things to help create goalscoring opportunities and paul arriola tonight. He's just energy personified in a human body. He's just like the the designated havoc reeker for the us. And i love having a player like that. He is constant pressure on the ball. How many deflections did he get in the middle or final third that sprung a chance for somebody else felt like in both the first and second half. You never runs out of energy. I just love his game. I love what he brings to this team. And i can see why bear halter is going to continue to give them chances when you were talking about energy and intensity. He is the guy that i think goes. Yeah and look at the front three as well. There's a mobility there arnson. Ariola whatever you may think of areola. He's mobile peppy too. And you you know. We talked about gregg talked in the lead up to this game particularly surrounding p fox mission about above verticality and and about getting in behind and playing beyond the defense of of the opposition. They did that depend between the lines through very successfully. And you can see how. I would think that. That atoms mckinney mussa formation wasn't just kind of well we're playing jamaica dot so we want to set up it was rather this is my preferred midfield and the attack is still in genesis and pepys plastered his name and graffiti all in the last two games. He's just spread his own kind of careful. Yeah i gotta be careful. Where are you going you down a hallway leads. I i don't know but say it's it's it's very late said it's a blank canvas. He's jackson pollock doll over it. He's left his own. Imagery sta caught off-side after dark. Happy has been very good in that striker central position. But my point being is if you look at the three that were picked tonight front. You'd wonder about P faulk you'd wonder about more static attacking players like we've like we've seen there's not going to be. I think greg really prefers dot clean mobility and like you said that it's not so much i don't recall of havoc is i prefer to go. Mobile gets around has legs. Return areola still. Are we talking about the whole lineup. On ariola fixing fits into that. Very very needy. I think it's definitely..

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