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If we if you buy aka by a movie you're not guaranteed to the apple terms of services that that movie will be there forever in rant. That's very you know you know you're renting usually for a specific amount of time. But i bought you know. Probably a dozen movies on apple. And i actually stopped buying movies on apple because again you're not guaranteed that you're going to be able to hold onto him in in the price of the actual digital purchase almost the same as the purchase price of a dvd. So i am no longer buying a digital copies from apple just because they can't download them and save them and have them forever. Well this'll first lawsuit is just over. That and part of it is in response to An individual who had purchased to get this twenty five thousand dollars. Were that apps and videos. Who does that. An apple terminated. This guy's apple. Id he lost it all so what. He did to lose his apple. I d i do not know but he says is deceptive. The company can terminate a person's apple. Id along with the content that they purchased using the buy button and Meanwhile this guy's out twenty four thousand five hundred ninety doubt twenty four thousand five hundred ninety dollars in in-app purchases along with a seven dollar sixty three cents account credit which become inaccessible. When apple terminated his account in begin. We don't know why he turned me. Terminates the apples depending gets a similar lawsuit filed last april by people claim. The company fit claimed company falsely. Advertise that they would have unlimited access to content the purchaser prime video. So they're not the only ones in trouble but here's the thing. Apples countered that they. They actually said this in a court. Filing apple countered by auguring. No reasonable consumer would believe that content purchased through. I tunes would be available on the platform indefinitely but you district court. Judge john mendez wasn't buying it. He rejected motion filed by apple that sought to dismiss the suit. That means a suit can move forward with this claim of false advertising and unfair competition the could still be settled before going to trial. So we'll see what happens on this. So how much stuff have you bought much digital content. Have you bought on apple. Do his any of it gone missing. Do you even know that you're missing a movie or two. That's the question right. Roku is warning of a standoff with google over youtube tv. Destroying knee bows getting pretty dirty here. According to axios roku accused google wanting preferential treatment for the youtube and youtube tv apps as it do companies renew renegotiate their deal. Something google has denied roku told customers in email that google supposedly wants conspicuous placement for the youtube search results including dedicated role. It also helps to block results from other providers by using the youtube app. Roco said and to prioritize you to music results when using the roku remote for voice commands while youtube is open roko further alleged. Google threatened to set chipset and memory choir mates for the devices that would raise hardware prices. Potentially giving google chrome cost chromecast advantage. They actually said that. Google was doing malicious intent. But of course. Google said we have yet. We've been working with roku in good faith. Unfortunately arocca often gauges these types of tactics tactics in their negotiations. We're disappointed. They choose to make baseless claims while we continue ongoing negotiations. I'm sure google ask for everything that they're stating here. They could not get away with saying that for fear of lawsuit. So time will tell what happens here. I've got speaker in the other room. That's on got to turn the volume bounce. I'm hearing an echo myself. This is a very distracting and his professional podcast hosta. I need to be smacked but The show will go on big news today. Course apple release iowa's fourteen point five ipad fourteen point five in watch seven point four with the apple. Watch iphone unlock and more the the big one this. The big one is when we've been talking about for awhile and courts been long time coming but it's finally here apple's app transparent apple's app trank tracking transparency element is now live. Some apps have been rolling out support bits and starts over the last several months before the feature goes live for all users how a fourteen point by the future future has now live in all apps omitted and released. An app store will need to follow the new rules. Here's how apple describes his gamble which required developer to ask the user their permission to do so displaying targeted ads in your at based on user data collected from absent websites owned by other companies sharing device location data emails for the data broker sharing illicit advertising ideas or other ideas with a third party advertising network the use that information to retarget those users and other developer apps or to find similar users placing third party k. In your app combines user data from your app with user data from other developers absa target advertising or measure advertising efficiency. Even if you don't use the st k. for those purposes for example using an analytics decay that repurposes today that collects from your app to enable targeted advertising and other apps. Do not please please please when you get this. Update do not allow these apps to track you. There's a whole list. There's a whole list of other uses stuff this come out and fourteen point by this a big win though so definitely check out the linked article it'll be in the show notes. Iquique new central dot com make sure kikkan central dot. Com director basis raiders. Putting together lots of great content over there we want you to visit. Just have it as a tab in your browser so every time you open. The browser site opens up. Be a fan drive. Traffic click like do all those cool things link back to. His read has been sued for failing to poll child sexual abuse content. Apparently.

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