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Uh, is probably out. He's listed as questionable with a knee injury, has been riding the bike on the sideline trying to run around. Trying to see if he can go, But we'll see. Don't know if he's going to be able to go for the rest of this game. That would be yet another blow for Tennessee Titans defense that has struggled throughout most of this game. 802 left in the third quarter. It's Pittsburgh. 27 Titans 14. Alright, so still a comfortable lead for the Steelers here midway through the third quarter. Let's Goto Cincinnati or let's go to Christian Better. Who's keeping an eye on the Bengals? And the Browns is there's been a change there, Christian Get rich. The Bengals break a 17 17 ty. It's 20 to 17 After Randy Bullock butter to 23 yard field goal, the Bengals could have going for obviously a touchdown there had a third of a certain goal at the four yard, four yard line job. Earl's Baba Baldev through a J. Green, who dropped the ball in the end zone today had to settle for that 23 yard field goal that captain 71 Yard drive People fled. 17 10 at halftime, but the Browns came out in the third quarter and put together a five minute 75 yard drive, ending with a baker Mayfield too tight in Harrison Bryant six yard touchdown pass. Tied the game at 17 years and Bryant two touchdowns in this game for Austin Cooper, who's out with an illness, But as I mentioned the jingles, come back with a 71 yard drive, get a 23 yard field goal from Randy both to make it 20 to 17. The Browns right now look into third and three of their own. 28 yard line trailing by a field goal 20 to 17 big A lead two minutes left here in the third quarter. All right, thank you very much. Christian. Better checking in on the Bengals. Let's go to Chris Russell in Washington, where the bad news keeps coming for the Dallas Cowboys as we get more from Chris, indeed, rich just a moment ago, Jon Bostic, lowering his shoulder right into the head of a sliding Andy Dalton, who had scrambled out of about halfway out of his own end zone on a third and a first down, run and adult and was not too of course, the ground and was very slow to get up. And now as I watch He is walking off gingerly. They're not even start stopping rich at the blue medical tent that you would normally go into. He is being carted are not hard. It is being walked off The field today are bypassing the blue Medical 10 that they normally do an initial investigation with he's walking two or three staffers. He is walking on his own. But without his helmets, obviously a nasty blow. They, of course, through the personal foul ejection on Jon Bostic. That hasn't changed much quite honestly for the Cowboys there. Scuse me down 22 to 3 with 6 31 left to go in the third quarter here and Benda Nucci is the now quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. If you had then DeNucci and your office boy, I I don't I don't know what to say. But Maybe you got a medical value of the F s. I don't know. But pending Nucci is there. Jon Bostic is being walked off the field down again is injected Andy Dalton heading back right to the Dallas Cowboy. Locker room and 22 to 3 Washington again. 6 31 left to go in the third quarter. Just a messy day all around for adults and the Dallas Cowboys down to quarterback number three right now for the Cowboys with Dak Prescott done for the year, and we'll see how long Andy Dalton will be out. But that was a vicious, vicious that it took on knocked off his helmet. So you could just imagine. The force of which is Ah. You know, Dalton gave himself up sliding. And it did not stop Mr Bostick from Ah, lowering his shoulder and taking off the helmet, among other things, So a rough hit, and it results in Andy don't leaving and his. Ah, Chris just mentioned a couple of moments ago. Take digging right to the locker room for evaluation. Let's go Tornado right now in New Orleans, where the Panthers have tied things up once again, what has been a very entertaining game late third quarter? Yes, it is rich in 24 a piece. With eight ticks to go to end. The third stands. The latest two scores. This ain't travel 15 yards and 13 plays consuming 6 53 off the clock. The final play was a 41 yard field goal by will lunch. Putting the Saints on top. 2040 17. The Panthers come right back, traveling 75 yards and a place for 16 off the clock. Chris Samuels finishes the last five yards on a run. Extra point was good, So we're not up a 20 for a piece with eight seconds to go in the third quarter here in the Superdome, Erasmus halls, very own Curtis Samuel with a touchdown to tie things up. For the Carolina Panthers as they're even at 24 right now, late third quarter. Jacksonville and the charges this afternoon in L, a, both with one win on the season, But things at least looking up the Ella with Justin Herbert at quarterback. He's been off to a fine start Checking in right now is Kris Haze with a chuck a CZ rather with a preview, Chuck. Good afternoon. Thanks so much rich And yeah, it's an interesting afternoon in Los Angeles, says that Jack's coming at one in five against the home L. A Chargers that one and for the best news for the Chargers is that they're coming off a bye week, so that means that Melvin Ingram, Joey Bosa will be back in prime form..

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