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We we get so many calls from cam real. It really is amazing. Do we have a huge following up there. Eight thousand of us so. I love cameron cameron downtown today. Trish it's probably like eighty six degrees in camera. What are you got about seventy five. Yup yup yup toss all right. So what do you think of. What's going on with kenley kenley. I have two words about kenley. And it's pedro by us. Do you remember pedro. Baya's year force last year flashbacks flashbacks to win. Dave roberts would keep using pedro baya's even though he would come in and high leverage situations and blow the game. Yup i do think to tristesse point. I do think once he had once he gave up that double. Why are we sticking with them. At that point. I just want to point. Pedro bias has a terrible reputation over his seven years. With the dodgers. He had a three point. Zero three era pedro. Baya's was not as bad as you remember him. Well but we made tristesse point was that in high leverage situations he tended to wet the bed which only used them in high leverage situations. He was our high leverage guy. No kambli was your high. Leverage can lease. you're closer high leverage guys were. We're talking about the seventh and eighth inning. We're talking about the guys you used to get to kenley though he trish. Are you still there. As long as it's not joe kelley. Don't put him in okay basis would you would you be okay. If they would've trotted training out there for the ninth. yes. I was saying the same thing to tv that you were saying. We don't put jazz in in. What are you guys doing. It was so frustrating. There's seven times in that game where i just i. I've done exactly the same move. I would have made exact now with retro with hindsight. Obviously i would appear on something different but in that moment i was completely content. I even said yesterday watch can lead to save tonight. And i would argue. He did get to save twice once on the runner at second base and once on the checks buzz a yeah it was one more poll in l. a. Hey paul urine seven ten. Espn hi you guys doing today. Good and watching the game last night with my wife. And i said as soon as they brought johnson and i said oh here we go now. Let me ask you guys this. How how does it. How do you think your use and Beautiful feel last two games. they've thrown seven innings of dominant baseball. Being touched you bring in finance. The first night he throws nine pitches gets three outs. Last night seven pitches three outs in eighth inning. Okay what does he have to do to let roberts no. I'm ready to step up and be that closer that will get it done. Why not drop canley down and let him pitch the seventh and eighth innings. Now your he can make that adjustment. I just don't think he's that guy. I mean you know what can lease thing is it's seeing a lead trotting out of the bullpen dramatically and being really fired up to get the last three outs. He's not a seventh-inning guy. Like do you want. Who do you want to come into the game. Here's the question. Who do you want to come into the game in the seventh-inning with runners on first and second do you want kenley. Is that where you want. Kenley jansen then who do you want in that role blake. Training is the guy i trying to is your best setup guy. Yeah but i just don't think you can put i mean here. Wow look at this tweet from corporate greg. bergman says. here's the question. do you feel good with him. Coming out in a playoff game. They didn't last year. Don't then what are we doing. Get a closer kimbrel or maybe move training and put kinley in as a spot reliever if you do. Leave him out there keep throwing him out and watch the world burn. I'll tell you what the world burning is. It's when greg bergman sends out a schedule then sent out another schedule then sends out a third schedule..

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