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Theophilus london yeah he was hanging mukanya and just okay what erupt pickle his steel doesn't use work chad rats zach okay <hes> i am a black male twenty to they have missing this woman twenty six since january we met at work and hooked up and have it and having sleeping with each other since we go out together have many friends and enjoy each other's company so what's the problem while i do enjoy her companionship the activities we do together sexually are not attracted to her anymore. There have been more than a few just go stir. Fuck it. Oh there have been more more than a few times that we've got that we've got together where i had to pull a quickie or fantasize about someone else to get me to finish. I feel bad. I feel bad because i feel bad because she clearly likes me a lot more than i like her but she just doesn't do it for me anymore. Physically i still think she's attractive but i also but <hes> ooh doesn't turn me out but she doesn't turn me on. She has all these plans for the next four months that she wants to do but in the back of my head i'm lying on no. No you know black black black okay wait so she has all these plans for the next four months that she wants to do but in the back of my head i'm like i don't know what you're talking about. What would y'all suggest that this point. I don't want to lose our friendship. We don't even work together anymore so i see her less anyways but i feel like it's time to move on. I've thought about just kicking it it until maybe the feeling comes back but i don't think that's how it works. No i'd appreciate any advice moving forward abbas. E today asked what it was not to get out. It was probably just especially especially post not clarity clarity post. Oh snuck larry. What is that oh yeah. Okay for me to ask you after you. Nut you get clarity about the situation when you're in that's never happened to you. Know word might be the grown up with that. Is i think sometimes people can have an infatuation with somebody to where they're like. Oh shit like this idea in their head of what it would be like to have sex with this person who you know that's how it was. When i lost my virginity 'cause like i obviously thought it was like way up here and he was good but it was ah yeah and you know obviously gets better with experience but i think in this situation it was infatuation. He got it on and then now. Maybe it sounds like you know she's planning all of these things. Maybe she's trying to build up this type of relationship and he's just booty caught. I lasted a little too long. You know what else could could've added to it the fact that sometimes when people worked together. There's like an increased like ooh. This is something that's forbid. I mean depending on your word culture. This is forbidden or they don't no no that we're having sex but you know we never show up together but i took him when i'm ready to go like that type of thing so it's kind of like i think that that may have added to it and especially now that shuttleworth together moore's kinda like well. Did he ever say it was good. <hes> did he ever say. It was good thought. I'm just asking buddy he said in the beginning. He said he's not anymore so i so i wonder what's he. I wonder what happened like. Does she. No longer do things that she you did when you first met and we don't know why you go to escalate in the sudden she got the megan how either i don't but i would have never went there. Well suppose i'm guessing i think stuff stuff anyway conversation with yeah now. What did you say it's hard to see leading. The people people put probably like yeah. You know everybody bad real good bad breath..

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