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Christmas with my family. What did you bring us grandma? You will just have to wait and see what would you the family gathered around the tree and caught up on the events of the past year, the kids talk to mile a minute about the sports they played in the assignments done for school. And the grandmother told him all about her exciting life in the music industry said to Mariah Carey, I said hold on a minute grace. Let's this on that tree. What do you mean? It's Remington you actually put him on the tree. How long has it been? Well. Ears. Why? Now after all this time. It was Holly actually me whenever I mentioned him. You got mad. I know. And I'm so sorry for that that ornament just takes me back to Christmas time sitting staring at ornament, and wishing well that Christmas could be a more. Cheerful time. I ruined Christmas. Grace know mum don't say that. I just. I. I want my children to love Christmas since I feel like. I don't know. I missed out on it. When when I was a kid, how did you miss out? I mean, you guys did celebrate Christmas. Right. We did. But when my Christmas song got vague in my holiday music career really took off. I was barely home between thanksgiving and New Year's day. Enjoy grandfather bless him. He really tried to make Christmas special. But it's hard when you're trying to do it alone. But I'm done done. What mom everything I'm retiring?.

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