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Is to fifty one pm pmi name's jay black and fill in for dement skin boyle and you know have i'm we have our twitter feed that's up and running here in the station and die lj star trump police usa which is overstating it a bit ready to lj star trump police usa's the carter name there said get this guy off i had to change the station forget it i'm talking a little angrily about our president near a fan of the president i imagine because otherwise you're the most sophisticated russian button history uh but i just want to ask you this hearing a dissenting opinion every once in awhile isn't that a good thing doesn't make you feel like well i got to take my argument i gotta take what i think about things and i got to see if there's holes in it because this guy might have something to say that that is of intelligence or maybe this guy has nothing to say of intelligence but at least it strengthens my position hearing any position that's different from yours every once in a while you know i once heard that the the the benefit of debate is in to prove the other person wrong it's a test your argument to see how right you are right there is a benefit to having the conversation with somebody who sees things differently than you so i do have to ask lj star trump police usa if that is your real name or anybody else is considering turning the dial in anger what's sketches sowing anytime you see something that's a little different why do you get so angry why are you yelling and screaming why are you turn in the channel and telling new jersey want to one five this is terrible this guy said something i don't agree with i'm angry is it possible that you live in a bubble is it possible that you a little frail when snowflake he is that possible maybe not i dunno mike you're in medford in newark new jersey what a 15 hey by the way i.

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