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Bothered me. But once I got through that and got past that, I saw the blessing on the other side of it. And I was being able to coach my son, being home full time, being able to do to talk the game, which I love doing, you know, to teach the game because when you're talking to your teacher, right? There's a younger guard out there who's going to hear something and then maybe one jewel or one gym is gonna hold on to for the rest of his basketball playing career and probably invest his life period because transfer over from basketball from sport. It's a real life in sport teaches you things to teach you, like you said, it teaches especially in our coaching. It teaches me patience. It teaches me to be teaching to be resilient to teach people to be humility about them. I don't care who you are, what you've accomplished, you have to have a certain humility that carries all the time. Treat people respect. That stuff travels and so the things I'm teaching now is the second to none. I would rather coach than even do talking, even do TV stuff or even play. I got play because I love it. Like we are practiced tonight. I practice plans. I watched female 11 who watch her feel. We're doing skill development. Like all this stuff that they don't know right now, terminology, they don't know it's gonna stick with them for the rest of their career. This is their foundation. I need to give my children shit. I need to get my kids to you. I'm teaching them with toys and shit. I'm doing it all wrong. I'm letting them play video games. Look at that shit out. I'm a send you a practice plan. Every single day we practice. And it's just amazing. And every time we go on this, we just came back from May hoops. That was in Cali. And yeah, and the experiences every time we go on a trip, I make sure we do something with the team. And the parents, the first session, we went to Portland, I got the suite for the blazers game, a lot of them had never been to an NBA game, especially I haven't songs here. So that you could see their eyes just dreaming. The next session we bring out the whole thing and David buster, so all the parents, all the family members, all of them, because this is about memories and moments. So it's not just basketball stuff but life that I'm trying to teach them as well. And we try to do something every single trip that we go to. So they can really enjoy the full experience of doing things the right way, not just AAU, but your basketball journey in your life journey. What motivates you, or what motivated you to do all this. You get back. It's like shit, man. I feel so inspired and I feel like, damn, I'm just not doing enough. You know, like, what is it that moves you? You know what I mean? And on another one of my interview shows is called big business inside the game. And I feel like you are the epitome of business inside the game. Someone who has got their NBA, their masters, their doctorate from the NBA, right? And from basketball, but in the game of life, right? Like you are, you are in your past year masters in your doctor, right? What is the motivation? People, like I love people. Especially kids, but I love people. I think my compassion level is hiding. To be honest with you. I think people will look out for people and I have a different level of compassion for people. I think it helps me feel good, seeing somebody else reach their potential, or seeing somebody else happy. I remember when I was in college, I didn't even have much. And I think I had $20 and I bought a pizza. I had like 15 left. And there was somebody on the street. I gave them all 15. I didn't know where my next dollar was coming from, but I always just been compassionate for people because I've been to have not. I've been the ones who weren't supposed to be here. So I'm very compassionate with that and I'm very sensitive to that. For me, I think my sister told me on a journey, she was like, once you come into a lot of fame, a lot of money, you become a bigger version of what you already work. Right? If you was an asshole, you're gonna be a bigger assumption. Now you can really spend on people flex on people. If you were somebody who was compassionate, cared about people, well now you got more to help those people with as well. So I just always been in tune with that I've never been jaded. And for me, it's just people it's always been my number one thing, especially these kids. So I think it was a natural progression before I had a foundation set up before I had all that going. I was already doing these things. I just put it in place. Absolutely. Put it in the proper place. All right, I got some light. I got some, I got some light. If you were to build your perfect guard, you have 5 attributes. 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