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Mother never picked him up for people are dead or missing after two sightseeing planes carrying cruise ship tourists. Clyde collided in mid air in Alaska yesterday and investigative team. Based in Washington is headed to the town of Ketchikan the pass. Were from the cruise ship, Royal princes which left Vancouver. British Columbia on may eleventh and was scheduled to arrive at Anchorage on Saturday. Eleven people were on the flight seeing plane operated by Qantas air and five people were on the second plane and those are the headlines. WGN sports the Cleveland Indians struck first Francisco indoor let off the game of the home run. But White Sox pitcher Reynaldo Lopez and two relievers could buy a two hitter such road. Four solo homers to a five two win over the Indians of Bray castio and moan Cada twice. Hit the home runs. The socks Nydia play again this afternoon on WGN weather day, twelve thirty five pre-game. We'll talk to SOX catcher James McKenna next hour at nine forty. Sox pitcher Carlos ROA, Dom left. Tommy, John surgery tomorrow outfielder alloy Jimenez, begins a minor league. Rehab tonight cubs. Get their first look at the reds tonight. Cincinnati first of three game series, the NBA Western Conference finals begin tonight with Golden State hosting Portland. Kevin Durant out with a strained calf. Philadelphia keeps coach Brett Brown despite the Sixers loss to Toronto. Also tonight the draft lottery in Chicago..

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