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Top of that you've got all the other things and parents are spending more and more and more and more and more and more it is expensive I don't know how people do it sometimes is the back awhile and they talk about the fact that parents are making decisions right thirty eight percent of parents said they've increased or change their job to increase their pay me the working longer hours or they've had to just change jobs all together they may have love where they were but somebody else was offering more thirty six percent say they've asked for more flexible work schedules and or your job that will do that and twenty six percent said they went part time twenty two percent said they became stay at home parents because it was cheaper it was cheaper I I have friends are going through that right now what I got a good job of the other ones decided that it's just cheaper the the the money they would make essentially go to pay for for the kids to daycare at some point in time they're just like you can't do it it is crazy these are things that Americans care about Russia Russia Russia they're not worried about that they're worried about Hey I gotta make sure I pay for my kids this I got a sure pay for my kids that I gotta make sure paid rent the whole nine mortgage all nine yards Russia is not at the top of their list it's not three two three five three twenty four twenty three at Shedd Benson show is your Twitter speaking of parents imagine if you got this frightening letter was sent to parents at the Wyoming valley west school district in Pennsylvania trying.

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