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Debit, Jeff Wagner. WTMJ Jada brewers head to the nation's capital for a series against the middling Washington nationals who middling under who wrote that. That's where you right that. And then the nationals actually probably are as big a disappointment as any team in baseball this year given all the talent that they had starting the year. And it's been funny all year round all year long. All the baseball so-called experts have been saying, well, Washington's gonna make a run Washington's going to make a run and they just never did. Hopefully this weekend won't be the weekend. They decide to get hot against the brewers. Any event. Brewers are in Washington. The big three game set gets underway. Tonight are brewers coverage starts at five thirty. It is also true that this is the portion of the season where really every game efforts, the brewers are what their five games behind. The cubs doesn't look like they're going to be able to overhaul them, but who knows? It gets the cubs could collapse, but most importantly, the brewers are in this mix for the the wild card berth with a couple teams right now, they're a half game. Behind Saint Louis for the top spot and you. Really want if you're going to be in, that, wildcard mix you wanna be the top team because then it's a one game playoff and. You get the game at home and. Let's assume season in today's Milwaukee Saint Louis. Wouldn't you. Rather be playing at. Miller park than at Saint Louis and. The obvious answer is is yes that is. One game playoff but there's a whole bunch of teams that are all bunched up together and, so every game really does matter our coverage. Once again starts at five thirty so be sure to check that out, all right coming? Up in the next half hour, of the program, when it comes to increasing taxes how high is too high and it got a very provocative question, to put to you Over the last gosh I don't know fifteen years we have been talking about the, the problems in Milwaukee county and in the pension system and a lot, of it goes back to the late walkie county executive Tom Aamot and, members of the county board and other advisors who decided that it would be, a good idea to I don't know benefit certain county employees with what's been? Known as the pension scandal well the, the problem is this is, of course left Milwaukee county essentially broke right now there is there is. A huge unfunded liability Milwaukee county's unfunded. Pension liability right now is about five hundred. Fifty million that is m as in. Million dollars. This means they all five hundred fifty million dollars that they do not have and don't, know where they're going to get it one of the effects of this is they're saying Okay well maybe what we have to, do is we. Have to. As a starting point we got to eliminate cost of living increases retirees are scheduled to. Get a two percent cost of living increase that that adds up to, twenty million, and of course I understand you've got these retirees saying what do you mean we're not going to get a cost of living increase well the problem is thanks to mismanagement of his pension. Fund, if you've got five hundred and fifty million dollars in unfunded liability you've got to. Figure out ways to stop the bleeding and candidly this is, just putting a tiny little band aid on a gaping. Wound nobody likes not getting cost of. Living increases but I don't see that there's any choice around this because if you don't start doing stuff like that pretty soon. You're not going to be getting pensions at all Thirty five w. camp this story we talked? About, in the first hour of the program about Boston store. Making a comeback it's it has all the earmarks of a kind, of a semi scam and I just want to mention. That now, people doing investigations if you go to the Boston store website and of. Course Boston has been an institution around here, the parent company by Anton is liquidating it's gone in bankruptcy there's a website that Boston store website has Boston store is coming back in that has people wondering well This is my sense of what's going on and I, it strikes me as like a publicity stunt. My guest is what happened is you had, some unknown retailer who bought the the right to the name and, so it. Is possible that maybe at some point in time in the, future, they might start selling something online under the name Boston store a but but the idea that although, those stores vacant stores in south. Ridge and it may fair and it Brookefield square Bayshore and in west bend and, the Green Bay, or wherever the idea that those stores are coming back that's that's not, going to be the case so I think with what's happening here again my guess is somebody for pennies. By don't mean, pennies this war but pennies the amount. No buys that the name with the. Idea that okay maybe. We're gonna try to resurrect this name and bring it back as happens from time to time but, for Anybody who thinks that this is going to be all these stores and all these people who lost their, jobs come back it ain't gonna happen it's. It's just, not and I always hate when some of. This stuff goes on because I think it misleads the I think it's misleading to the public that is. My general sense of the matter so be careful all right we have a race, for governor this going on and we'll be talking a lot about, that over the course of the next two months essentially but one of the differences between the candidates has to do with the way we pay for road repairs now governor Walker is pretty consistently said that he he's not, he's not interested in raising taxes and you. Have if you see there's a billboard and, I forty three it's this Scott holes thing that that's being put, let's put. Up by the unions and you have some of these road-building, unions, that stand to benefit from road construction and what they want is they want tax increases because what. It means Is. It means that you know if we spend. More money on. Roads that. Means it's their employees their members get more money, so that's a union back thing but you know one of the problems is how do you. Pay for increased expansion of the roads now we just finished zoo interchange now we're expanding I ninety four. Between, them walkie county line all the way down to the. State line because of Foxconn so there's a lot, of roadwork that's going on over the last several years, and there's a lot more that is scheduled but. This is one of those things where everybody everybody wants more but anyhow governor Walker said he's not interested in increasing the gas tax right now when you go to the pump in Wisconsin And you see that that. Amount to me, what's gas going for number two eighty gallons at I. Think I guess, about, two seventy nine to seventy five right okay to eighty whatever it is of that let's say it's eighty of the two dollars and, eighty cents fifty one cents. Is tax there is a federal. Excise tax on, gasoline that's been eighteen cents and it's been eighteenth cents forever the Wisconsin gas tax? Is thirty three sets the gasoline. Tax is thirty. One cents and then there's a two dollar tax for petroleum inspection fees or something but it's it's about. Thirty three cents a gallon so you pay a total of fifty one cents, out of every gallon you purchase if you, pay two eighty up fifty cents a gallon is going to taxes. Governor Walker, says he's not, interested in increasing the gas tax his opponent Tony verse says well everything is on on the table Including increasing gas taxes now even has been challenged by people, saying all right well what is actually does that mean you're, open. To. Increasing the, gas tax how much and. You know the governor Republicans have said what what does this mean. Does it mean fifty. Cents does it mean a dollar visit mean. Three cents if it means three cents or five cents. Well that's that's not probably really. Going to solve any sort of problem but you, know what what do what does that mean so I wanna thi this, up our number is four.

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