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Thou with a coal of the game. Here's Wally shaver. Hello, again, hockey fans everywhere. And we welcome you to Monterey. Anna were the Minnesota. Golden gophers set to take on the Michigan state Spartans. Minnesota's third straight road game. And what a wonderful start to this four game road trip rank with a very impressive two games. Sweep over Notre Dame in Notre Dame Indiana last weekend, and what's nice one of the nice things about the six points. Right there. There were five very solid periods of hockey for the gophers a little bit softer the first period of the second game. But the big part of that was they not only do they turn it around. But they turned it around for that second period in great fast, and which showed great resiliency and some leadership veterans. I would say. The Brady Forrest center ice faceoff referees tonight. Our Steve McCain, John and Jonathan. The linesmen are testing Cornell and Nick. Off the draw comes back into the zone for the Michigan state Spartans Rothberg defenseman gets to center ice to dangerous. Tara Rosie his rising shot sales over top the Minnesota net. And it scooped up by the gophers who begin their trek up. Ice. Junior gates on a Grand Rapids. Michigan plays a back to the Michigan state line. Then blocks down return pass. It was ready to get still loosen neutral. And these Spartans we'll take it back to their defense. Here. They come up ISIS. We've just begun this afternoon. Start tonight here in east Lansing. Get those two confused. They don't like that. We should know that as much time as we spend here we're in the minor leagues. Of course, we call Michigan Michigan and Michigan state user referred to in this state is simply as St. eight. I forgot about that. Yeah. And here is state clearing. The puck back to the golden gopher blue line tired. Any will roar back in behind his own? Dole slowdown crank it off the right wing wall to center ice. Now. Kamer we'll try to play inside the Minnesota zone. That's Austin Kamer. He falls down and then dropped so park back to his defense starting up from areas. They're veteran back there. Zac, Osborne, hassle stolen. Here's sample rain. Coming in the right side cut right in buddies four or five by the defense on a solid play there to break up an ideal scoring attempt. Gophers right back to McMahon is right. Any shows? All right on and let them and makes a nice say good start by the gophers getting a couple of good tries with this line of Novak Ranta and McManus. I lied. I lied had a little bit of a tough shift out there. But the second one is excellent. So far. Now behind Minnesota goal is check the knock down on a good defensive play there by Minnesota Franklin defenseman lobby. Stuck? Gophers right back on the attack cross ice past and all that gone into the left wing corner ducks around one out in front of McMahon is but it got past offers hold the point long shot by Phillips, though is blocked off the leg of Logan, Landon and then moved to neutral lights. Both teams changing on the goal. Tommy Novak's passed a flex off of a stick. Sam Saliba and all the spark news come right back at Saliba the team captain driving it in Robson slows it for souls. Dorf he'll take it in the left corner and wing it up the boards now for Garrett wait to Jack Ramsey, he'll dump it in Scott reading on the four check. But the netminder Lachmann will play it on round not cleared out by Mitchell. Matson gophers keep it down low. Ridi working the boards. Stop back behind that up by the neck. And taken over by the defense of the Spartans. No score in this game. Gophers backup plug up the neutral zone. Five guys waiting between the blue lines. Now, Tara Hiroshima's a top line comes back on the line. Gophers many players have told us to always be aware when that line is on the ice. Boy, they normally they come up the ice with speed this'll be their second attempt to come outta their zone, and so far no speed. But a pass goes to the right wing side for her Rosie normally left-winger plays it on round and sent right back to him on the right wing boards. He walks back towards the blueline passed a Lewandowski has shot come go with a backhand swat, and it goes wider little piece in front of the net. One of the leading goals scores in the big ten conference. His the settlement Patrick quartering. Call now Ryan's Ohlsdorf to Saito up ice for junior gates. He's on a Grand Rapids. Michigan dumped it into the attack dog defenseman. Ross is back after it. Leaves it for coda Ranko to carry the team back up ice reaching the Minnesota blueline his to linemates have gone off on a change. Fairly. Well, contained a little help from the goaltender Robson but fairly well contained. I would guess so four shot on goal that line had. Play back to the left of the Minnesota net. Working up along the boards is Tommy their top guy on the face off circle. Got down into the corner boards in a sworn on around. But Minnesota will break up the play and come back down ice. Sliding the puck has war heads back in behind the Michigan state goal. Gophers at. Sammy walker? Click assembling from McLaughlin, and the freshman up on nothing gophers they go in. They said two guys on a very hard for check trailing to play the center ice. But Sammy Walker guess what McLaughlin knew exactly where he was going to be quick pass that much quicker back at the end of the golden gophers up blood nothing. I don't know that I've been calling this line and in particular McMahon, McLaughlin, Wiley. Wylie's the right word year. I.

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