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Twenty five respond heading to the Bourne bridge for ninety five south is heavy for more than a mile after re twenty four David Struff Pelino WBZ traffic on the three RD David it's time now for the WBC a four day accu weather forecast it is independence day and it's going to be a great day to be outside also remember to stay cool and keep hydrated anybody sensitive to the heat to may not be the biggest fan of this weather today but for most of us pretty nice we stay dry and we're looking at a great night tonight for any fireworks displays you're gonna see if you're headed out to the hatch shell the Aspel not you're going to have a great evening a low of seventy one in Boston it'll be mostly clear as well so beautiful sites for the fireworks tonight for tomorrow pretty much more of the same warm turning more humid clouds and sunshine highs in the upper seventies along the Cape and different spots along the coast we're going to be up to ninety two west of town eighty six the Hyatt Boston could see a shower thunderstorm on Saturday still gonna be pretty humid with similar temperatures Sunday is one it's going to get interesting it's going to clear out we had been forecasting some showers on Sunday but it looks like it's going to be staying pretty dry sunshine and clouds and a high of just seventy five for your Sunday right now as we take a look out there we are at seventy or seventy nine degrees right now in Lawrence road eighty four in Braintree eighty three degrees in Arlington and it's eighty two in Boston partly cloudy skies feeling pretty hazy out there at nine thirty five a dangerous scene this morning off three ninety five north bound in Oxford police and emergency crews there on the scene of a motorcycle crash right before exit five the driver there apparently struck a deer early this morning Oxford paramedics transported the driver to a local hospital no word yet on their condition boating while intoxicated it's no joke it is.

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