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Was he who ludicrous ludicrous karloff and lugosi and how 'bout obgyns and price saad show house of wax that's one of my favorites house of waxing a first three d film uh you hammer chamber poors also wasn't a movie called chamber horde with patrick make me there was a phone call chamber of worse yes yeah absolutely i'm not trying to stop you but on you got a lot of callers drama trying to stop you but i've been trying to find a movie i remember the kid and i can't even find a clip harm it on youtube of the music was by somebody called bt well the my eye there are a lot of songs in the film so perhaps uh on on the air house move on to a few other the crawling hand yes the caller yeah i i do remember that fell hand came jobs i'm scared the crap out of me as a little easier and went around strangling people and doing all kinds of nefarious things dan that i think that that might have been uh it was the hand of a debt astronaut i think it was like in a midsized early 60s there was 1963 very good ride so i love stuff like that with my gun nicholson being in the horror and you talked about the bob already so it's it we just be in scare you can find it on amazoncom by the way okay thanks george okay they'll have a crawley hands a great one across the did the hand of a debt astronaut comes crawling back from the grave destroying all the living why would they pick a debt astronaut because it was the early sixties and everything either with atomic our team from space i'll that's true too let's go next to steve in carmel valley california welcome to the program stephen go ahead yeah thanks door chairman mr lobo young anyway this movie came out in eighty one air yeah i think this is like the.

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