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Fly ball deep left center field well struck back Smith, it is gone. Will Yadana Sana 12 Pitch goes deep it three nothing growers that is peanut butter and jelly lover Jeff leveraging on the Brewers radio network. The crew drops game won 4 to 3 but wins Game to five did nothing. Brett Anderson looks good in his return from the injured list. Manager Craig Counsell was hoping to just get three innings out of Anderson. Instead, Anderson throws four, allowing just three hits and throwing just 44 pitches. Most importantly, he feels healthy, happy to be out there and be healthy and make some good patients to be sufficient are going to be and the way the first two ended to come out on top this game. It's a good feeling good with the wind. The Brewers salvage a game in the series after losing the first two games against the Mets. Matt Polly WTMJ Sports brewers are back home tonight. It's started their final series before the All Star break. First pitch against Cincinnati set for 7 10. You can hear the game on 94 5, ESPN. And finally in hockey, the Tampa Bay Lightning or Stanley Cup champions. For the second consecutive season. They defeat the Montreal Canadians in five games. Wisconsin native Cold Caufield goes home empty handed. Maybe this is selfish of me, Jean I was rooting for the Canadians just at the off chance. We could have booked Cold Caufield for an interview, and he could have brought the cup in the studio. I would have hoisted that mammoth. I would have eaten your drink anything you put in there out of it. It would have been spectacularly headed in here. What was a couple five years ago? I want to say that I forget the guy's name. Blind guy with white gloves all that he was here in this very room with the Stanley Cup. I believe keeper the cup has the best job ever. Hall. He does. I mean, they should have. There was a video circulating on social media yesterday of the Stanley Cup, taking a shower that cup gets to do more cool things that we do. 7 18 Hey, John Mark here here. Wisconsin is.

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