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I want you to do me a favor. Do me a big favor. Take out that overpriced iphone the one you convince somebody you needed that. You don't I don't have an iphone? I'm a big network radio host. I don't have an iphone. I have. I have a flip phone the cost me ten bucks at WalMart and thirty bucks a month on a prepaid plan. And you know, what it it it gets phone calls. It takes pictures and it gets phone calls and it gets texts. I don't know what the hell you need an iphone four. But I digress. Take out that iphone Brett Brett Gokul take out that iphone and take a picture of the control board. Even better take a picture of yourself with the control board and an Email to me, Walter m sterling g mail if you're running this show right now. Take a picture of the control board and Email it to me I want to see. And then if you're in the eighteen Wheeler if you're driving delivering getting home, leaving the second shift going on the third shift. I I wanna see where you're listening to me. I want to understand your environment. I want to have the full impact of your dashboard, your radio, I wanna have this experience with you take a picture of it E mail it to me tonight. Walter, m sterling at she met, Walter m sterling edge Email because you know, all these a-hole spend a fortune on research to find out what people like and what the preferences are. And what's the sound environment? It's a lot of nonsense. We're in the car where in the eighteen Wheeler. We're at work if you're at work in the car run on the soundboard for sterling on Sunday. I want to see what you're looking at. I want to see what you're looking at preferably nude. I want to see what you're looking at. Would you do that for me? And then send it to Walter m sterling at g mail, Walter m sterling g mail. I was in a country club in expensive club. And I was going to meet my biggest client. This is back when I was a suit. I was a management consult a media consultant who knows what that is. Nobody knows that was the advantage. And this client was great client. If you've ever worked freelance you've had the jerk clients or you've had great clients. This was a great client. This was fantastic. This guy. I love this fat. But he wasn't a Republican. He he lived republicanism. He sat up straight. I don't think he ever took off his tie. He had shiny shoes. The color of his house. The painting his house was Republican colors. Now, I can't explain it. The the pain in his house was Republican collars. And he was way too formal for me as a guy, but as a client, and he was incredible. And my parents were going to come to meet him and his wife at this fancy country club because my client wanted membership in the club. And he said, what do I have to do to become a member? Well, the first step is my parents are members the first step is we need to meet by parents. Let's you and I talked tonight. At eight eight eight six eight Awa LT about the most embarrassing thing. Your mother ever did to you. The most embarrassing moment. Your mother ever. Did. You may love your mom. You may have loved your mom. She may have been a great mom. I don't care you live with somebody for eighteen years. They're going to do something that embarrasses the crap out of you. And I'd like to know what that is. And everybody who calls in tonight. You get a couple of very special things at some point. If you get frustrated you can say, it's the freaking OJ's,.

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