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Through the days far as the humidity goes will start. To lose tomorrow but everybody's temperature start to. Come down and gets a little. More reasonable averaging, mid, nineties inland about one hundred up into the high desert's with southern California's most accurate. And dependable forecast I'm CBS scarf camp KNX ten Seventy NewsRadio eighty degrees still very warm. In west Covina and Anaheim eighty degrees there as well at twelve seventeen and Orange County housing trust for the homeless is. A step. Closer to reality this Bill which is headed to the state. Assembly after passing the Senate is aimed, at getting the county its cities and private daughter is on the same page the county government has programs available now serve homeless persons but. Those programs aren't matched up with homeless. Shelters we need more shelter beds in this county. And then we need. To provide. The services to though shelters assembly been. Tom Daley tells Kanakas Bill is. The clear path forward for jurisdictions weighing how to solve their homelessness problem don't like this. Approach then they won't join and they won't be part of the solution but I'm hoping that eventually all, thirty four cities will join the trust is a finance initiative and would not, own operate or regulate homeless shelters Brian paying KNX ten seventy NewsRadio the. California coastal commission came down hard. On couple who renovated. Their Laguna Beachfront property without a permit commission voted unanimously that the owners are in violation of public access it's now order the couple of. The Victoria beach property to remove the sea wall. Surrounding it, and pay a hefty million dollar fine all. Within sixty days this was willful intentional disregard of the. Law Commissioner Donnie Browns he says the couple violated their, permit surrounding the wall when it completely remodeled the. Home and ignored cease and desist letters earlier, the owners attorney Steve Kauffman tried to argue the remodel was a mere face left, there's no violation there's no basis for seawall forfeiture or monetary penalties post renovation the property is. Worth roughly twenty five, million dollars and eleven million dollar increase in value Karen Adams connects. Ten seventy NewsRadio ahead of his first school year the new leader of the LA unified school district pledges to streamline communication with principals and he. Told administrators at a rally that student attendance is a top priority superintendent.

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