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Organic and get away from processed food and junk food, and ate more plant based food stay away from may, dairy and eggs as much as you can. I think you're going to be okay. Wonderful. Thanks for that splendid advice now in your book. You also mentioned that the food that we eat is much more than canneries fan, so carbs and proteins, and sort of I guess suggested that the the play other roles in this nutrition. Is that correct? It is. So, you know, it's it's not it's a lot more than just the energy part of it or that we can physically measure, right? We're taking an energy, but we're also taking an intelligence from the environment. And again, depending on how that food was prepared. It is going to affect us differently. And you think about eating an animal and immediately you can visualize that animal would not have been happily sort of galloping over to the to the slaughterhouse. And so they were that karmic Lord that you're taking in when you're ingesting an animal, but this energy and intelligence that we're taking in and. Again, we have humans and plants or let's say animals of which humans are one and plans have lived in this synergistic relationship for hundreds of thousands of years, and we are designed to eat more plants and the plants want to be eaten. So that we we ingest, for example, you an animal eats an apple or a mango, and it goes on its merry way. And it goes than Pook somewhere fifty miles away from the original place, and mango is very happy. Because now the mango tree gets to spread seed fifty miles away. And that's how that species stays alive and guest to survive. So it's this mutually what? Because symbiotic relationships that have existed in nature, and when we try to go in alter those relationships, we do that at our own peril. Got it got it. So thanks alert for shedding. It's all about I guess going back to our roots as human beings and understanding who we really are. I mean, are we the farmers that we, You you know, know? say we are right now. Or are we essentially hunters and gatherers or did we spend a majority of our existence as human beings as hunters and gatherers like you said hundred thousand years approximately and then we became farmers. And then we got this predictable supply of food nine terms of breakfast, lunch dinner. But, but let's talk about a topic that people usually associate with an hygenic conditions bacteria. You written that the typical human has a lot of bacteria in it. And the typical human has far more bacteria cells than human cells in the body and ten times as much data as our human DNA and works more is that there is good bacteria and that is backed bacteria. So what exactly is good bacteria? Yeah. It's so fascinating agent that we have a whole ecosystem within us, right? And as ten times more. So few say, your AJ, are you really AJ? Or are you, you know, you're outnumbered by the bacteria within Chris, really? They're the ones who are who are deciding what you do because they live in this integrate relationship with their firing back signals and messages back to your biochemistry and their DNA is interacting with your DNA. And that's the net result of how you behave and what happens to you is is is the result of what this whole ecosystem. Is doing much like the planet earth. Right. What what happens on planet earth is really what's going to be happening because of its inhabitants. And we are just now starting to unravel this mystery just like the human genome project which came about about ten years ago where we do identify which gene codes for what there's something going on called the human micro by project where we are actually just at the cusp of starting to understand what is the function of these trillions and trillions of bacteria of many different species that live within us and connections are being made with auto immune diseases, right again, when we eat foods that alter that gut blood barriers we have a single seller barrier that separates the dirty side from the clean side inside our gut. And if that barrier gets destroyed, then those things that shouldn't get inside our bloodstream or getting inside our bloodstream and activating the immune system and causing..

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