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But i think he's seen as a potential candidate to bump off they've been a number of guys on the offense if side i don't know who the favor would be but he does do the pipeline thing bella checked of the pipeline thing i'd be shocked if he brought in anybody that the interesting thing is brian day little the brian battle was just went buffalo uh from alabama and he would have been a natural because he's been there um so yeah we've been here before if you remember and there's a lot of symmetry going on because they went three out of four at the beginning of the brady bella check era um oh one through four and they lose romeo cornell through the browns charlie weis uh to notre dame there to coordinators um if they win two more games they've won three out of four at these very well at least the back end of the brady a check air and they're losing mcdaniel's and picked on patricia reportedly so i don't think that's going to prompt retirement from bella check as some have speculated but i do think it you know it's it's kind of a a chapter he he has certainly been through before law that was a 10year drought in the middle with no see wins for them and between those assisting coaching changes don banks my former colleague at si now with the athletics he's got a cover to podcasts on patriots dot com as well you know done a lot of people might not remember notice about use their listening here's at that you covered the vikings for a long time you were there for the randy moss era um you know i have to imagine that was part of you that was feeling really good for them minnesota miracle of the minneapolis miracle whatever we're calling it i mean there's this idea about teams of destiny i know you can't quantify it but you know you're a writer this is definitely a story line that's going to be out there especially if minnesota continues on a beach philadelphia this weekend i mean what would it be we know what it would mean but from your vantage point covering covering that organization can they do this don can they finish this often philly.

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