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A possible homicide after a man was found dead in his son base south residents early this morning officers responded to a call about a shooting around twelve forty AM and found a forty eight year old man dead inside the house according to officials it does not appear to be a random act investigators are gathering more evidence an accident has a teenager fighting for his life in Pinellas county St Petersburg police say twenty two year old Sir Richard Evans accidentally shot an eighteen year old on twenty third street the team is in critical condition and Evans is now in custody no word on what led up to the shooting investigators in Jacksonville have confirmed that a five year old girl who was the subject of an amber alert this month is dead T. K. waters is the chief of investigations for the Jacksonville sheriff's office we can confirm that the remains are that of missing girl Taylor roles Williams remains were discovered in Alabama detectives have not released the cause of death and they have not upgraded charges against Taylor's mother Breanna Williams Tampa Bay traffic and weather just moments away but Florida's news I'm Chris foster president trump on Twitter says he would love to have more members of his administration testified for the impeachment inquiry but he's fighting for future presidents and the office the justice department's appealing a judge's ruling that former White House counsel don began must comply with the congressional subpoena the DOJ is challenging a ruling which determine the absolute immunity is not a legitimate basis by which to prohibit senior White House officials from testifying before Congress the DOJ is asking for a stay on against testimony pending its appeal boxes John decker at the White House at least eighteen people are killed in an earthquake that's taken down buildings in Albania magnitude six point four common for a quick that big to be there there's only been stuck in the past hundred years so far within a hundred kilometers of that earthquakes on Geiger with the U. S. Geological Survey there's a search and rescue operation going on to find anyone track this listing the part such a credit union home loans products that I have an accent with the downed light pole North.

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