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Sorry the allegations against jacob zuma are essentially that when he was in power he presided over rampant corruption and privatization on a massive scale particularly involving members of an indian-born dubai-based family with extensive business interests in south africa. The gupta's there are also allegations against him a fraud racketeering and money laundering linked to a three and a half billion arms deal. He did his deputy president in the ninety s and while he says zuma still evidently has some support in the community he also attracts a lot of opposition. I can't think to understand here by the way is that zuma's party. Nc that's the african national congress is still in power in south africa. In fact it's been in power since the end of apartheid in nineteen ninety-four led first by nelson mandela than tombo becky then zuma and now president sewer ramaphosa just over. Fifty percent of the ballots counted. There is now no doubt that south africa is in transition to black majority rule. Nelson mandela led his supporters in singing the new national anthem. God bless africa free at blah mandela. The former political prisoner had achieved a lifelong dream of a norm racial democratic nation state president. Fw declerk conceded defeat. And the end of white minority rule. I shall be surrendering power not to the majority of the moment but do the south africa so he more on this. We spoke to associate professor. Jeffrey hawkeye at macquarie university. He's the editor of the australasian review of african studies. And we asked him what it was about. The detention of jacob zuma in particular that was so inflammatory does summarize really it captures an individual and they co career and they live the disappointments about what has happened or what hasn't happened are think i mean zuma himself of course is a very very long standing activists in the i say in the last man standing in hawaii and he's he'll be eighty soon. He's being active in the eye and say for more than sixty years since his teens so he was part of that the vanguard of struggle for thirty years before nine hundred ninety four he's identified identifies himself with the struggle and all of those hopes carried forward and yet. The hopes haven't been realized now that you know that means that he's a symbol in hawaii. No the issues of corruption in his personal behavior and everything for sure but he's also occupied just about every position. You can think of the i n c before he kinda the presidency and then was addicted from that and he's predicted a populist image of standing for the old values modified things better and he was struggling to make them better and he would. If you could've the forces were against him and they've chucked him out and it's terribly unfair and he's misrepresented and and sign many people except that he if he had the power and the authority to do things differently things would be different and in his reporting suck any says he seemed these things playing out this kind of mix of nostalgia. Among black south africans jacob zuma and the anc and the promises about the future that may during that time and of frustration about the levels of corruption and poverty. Along racial lines in south. Africa today physically. The situation with the agencies now is quite a quite good. These seem to be an internal friction. There are in beverly with one another some hippie that the president is in prison and i must be opposing the whole hanes e is quite divided up august whole being so the impart to do with this infighting within the anc. But but i guess. I wondered if there were brought a societal issues that had fueled the violence in an ongoing way as it as it continued. Infants it's such issues such as poverty issue fire on implemented away that actually holds a very high amount of people especially you actually educated but suffers from a limited opportunities so these actually period a finds the country at why suffering from over nineteen lockdown which has hit hard in the job. I really believe in the country and resulted in huge number. One implement so. The hunger approve the unemployment in the country and has since people resulted people. Angry i mean. The lockdown is lasted for over eighteen months now so people are steamed have suffer period. So here's what happened from now. Just starting to lose sitting. They already hungry. They did his wife decided to move the suffering for implemented. They're hungry and also. Why did they've been raising debt. The anc themselves have been looting from the.

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