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So it was like a bunch of years and also shout out to like the Eleven Hundred plus athletes and coaches and 300-plus front office Personnel across football basketball and MLB who signs that players Coalition thing I get Congress to pass the ending qualified immunity act just like really amazing to see all these athletes stepping up LeBron doing that voter thing to end like voter suppression and make sure people vote just so many amazing athlete activists out there doing stuff. It's great to see we just have to like keep going. I mean like last week we dedicated our episode to Brianna Taylor and the police report came out today and like dead. They honestly have the audacity to say that she had no injuries and that there was no forced entry when they broke into her home while she was sleeping and shot her eight times. Yeah, she was literally sleeping in bed. And also like the person they were looking for had already been arrested was in custody then it turns out one of the cops has been accused of sexual assault by multiple women and like nothing has come from that either and these guys still haven't been fired or suggested and the new Cycles moving on and like it can't move on like we have to fight for this woman. Absolutely this woman and her family deserve justice just it's inexcusable. There's so much wrong with the situation. But basically we need to email call sign petitions donate to important causes organ a link to setting a freaking rooftop. Yeah tweet about her just like took her memory alive and we're linking the same act blue racial Justice organization page in the podcast description. They split your donations between multiple very worthy causes that are working off. To dismantle systemic racism and just make this country a better place for everybody and get Justice for Brianna. Just like do everything you can don't let this stuff happen. I mean, this is Sade acceptable. It's so beyond unacceptable. So we are continuing with our initiative to pass the mic to black people and we have another awesome guests for you guys this week, I grew up playing this game called stratomatic which is like a baseball board game apparently now, they have an online version, but I played it the old-fashioned way with my dad on Saturday afternoons after synagogue. It's how I fell in love with baseball. You may have player cards. They're kind of like Advanced versions of baseball cards and my dad being like a collector of all things educational had literally 30 different debit cards, and one of the decks of cards was like different from all the rest. I remember asking my dad about it and he was like, well, this is the Negro League. So I learned about the Negro Leagues from playing strat-o-matic with my dad and he told me all these stories. Yep. Asked BoB Kendrick who is the president of the Negro Leagues Museum one of the most incredible people in the Baseball World. He's been the president for over a decade. He's been volunteering and working for the Negro Leagues Museum since the early nineties. He has the most incredible stories.

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