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Larry elder. Hey, Larry employer. Love your show. One inch gash our board here. Die. What is that? The yellow ones down. I gotta Harvey Korman poison shadow. Mug. Thank you. Crackers. Insurance is your money. Cool. Argue. Triple eight nine hundred one S A G E triple eight nine seventy one seventy four from blazing saddles as well. Anisimov famous saloon scene when they were talking about how to deal with the. Dastardly new sheriff come to town. And they were trying to figure out what to do. I was born here, and I was raised here. And nobody's gonna let me on this down. And he began speaking gibberish. And that's when they said who can argue with that. Great. Well now Brooks. Now, let's do a math problem. So you take sixteen dollars to retail location, number one. And they hand you a golden magical bean, then you carry said golden magical being with you wherever you go..

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