Donald Trump, Congressman Joe Kennedy, President Trump discussed on Colorado's Morning News


Our communities safe he wants the democrats to help him approved twenty billion dollars worth of funds for that border wall other parts of trump's immigration plan include getting rid of the visa lottery as well as ending chain migration in the democratic response massachusetts congressman joe kennedy claimed the trump administration is taking aim at dreamers and other groups administrations isn't just targeting the laws that protect us they're targeting the very idea that we are all worthy of protection kennedy said his party represents dreamers and individuals who quote sat atop their mom shoulders and held a sign that read build a wall and my generation will tear it down with the state of the union in the books lawmakers are under increasing pressure to get something done on daca theories urging looming deadline here and the democrats are no closer to solving this to think about those dozens of dreamers in the audience tonight what their thinking is they fear the president talk about this is they see the divisions they're on the floor concerned that they could face deportation from the beginning of march and what the dreamers we're thinking when they heard the president say that line that will likely be one of the most memorable lines of this speeches when he said americans are dreavers two that's abc's mary bruce in colorado politics what a stunner with republican tom ten crato dropping out of the governor's race tuesday the gop nomination appears to be pretty much up for grabs right now koa newsradio as political analyst and local pollster floyd surulere valley kurdi a wide open race but i think go walker stapleton probably has the uh the pole position craina is you know dropped out yesterday saying he hadn't raised enough cash she'd been hoping tap twice as much funds at this point in the race then he has only seventy five thousand dollars right now in his purse he was worried he couldn't compete in the general election if he took the republican nomination on colorado inmates are transferred out of state victims' family should know where they are that's currently not the case but a bill already passed the state senate would call for more transparency governor hickenlooper likes the bill and says it's been carefully crafted.

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