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It would not have been that they were whatever it was four out of the case would have been at least two and to feel Yates joining us here on Keyshawn George hill z. he's our one of our ES. ESPN NFL inside is not. I don't know if you're a senior or junior because every now and then Adam comes on, he's a senior, then you got the super-senior in March. So what should I call you? I'd say I'll take junior. I kind of like being the. You could say junior only to say my favorite NFL insider key, whichever you prefer. Okay. I'll do that. Speaking of favorite. The Rams are not in favor with Aaron, Donald right now, on a contract extension obviously has been the news around going on for the past two years, basically, what is going on they, are they going to get anything done, or is he going to be on the trading block soon here normally when there is a contract situation that has been back and forth back and forth for two years, we say it's up in like, hey, there's this deadline that's coming up. It'll change everything and you know, pushed this thing passed the goal line. I thought last year, the fact that Aaron Donald showed up they before week one was vindication. Hey. Happen right away. But at some point, there's other handshake agreement or some sort of set the deal is going to get done definitely before the end of last season, of course it didn't happen this off season. Same thing happens, you know, I do part of me wonders this. That of all these massive defensive players that are looking to get paid right now. And really it's two of nodes Donald and also Khalil Mack is I wonder if they're waiting, each of them has waiting for the tip of the iceberg to arrive as pertains to like that new record setting contract like the ball, the gets the train you. One of them has to sign a deal that completely shatters the current defensive player market seventeen eighteen nineteen. Probably closer to twenty or twenty one million dollars per season and more guaranteed money than von Miller got. I think the Rams have made very healthy offers to air Donald. I think he's saying I've got, you know, leverage that I'm the best player on this team has made massive commitments to other players like. Brandin cooks and Todd Gurley this off season. So he's until rush. They could deal that. He feels like it's anything other than be perfect one for arguably. I'm not even going to be best defensive player in football field Yates joining us ESPN NFL insider and field. Let's let's play it out for second. Let's say that Aaron, Donald and the Rams do not come to an agreement. He's displeased by that, and he decides not to show up and he's gonna miss some games. What is the Rams defense without Aaron? Don lucky to said he's the best offensive player in football, but they've got a lot of other good ones on this team, obviously added sue that could probably slide into that spot if they needed to do it. How good is the defense in LA if Donald doesn't show up? Yeah. I mean, it's it's rare that you find a team who saying like, hey, we don't have the best player in football, and that just means more snaps from Michael Brocker a different type of player. But a player in Broncos obviously got paid for reason by the ram. He's a big part of what they do up front along with him down the consumer. So I don't think this defense goes in the tank per se. Again, I mean, I think it has a chance to be as good as there is one to eleven on defense. If Aaron Donald on the field. If not, then it's a massive. You know, it's a massive glow. I, they still potentially the top ten defense. Sure. But the expectation up to be a top ten defense in LA the seer. The expectation is trying to be the e pens football, and that only happens if you have Aaron Donald because he's a player enter. It's probably it is. I know this fact it's hard for the Rams you practice them times because Donald Donald is so good that he just lays waste to whatever the offense dials up even really good offense like the LA Rams. So getting a deal done to meet feels tariff not just because of what he brings on the field, but also it just hovering over the bridge..

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