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And this is says we bring this up and kind of brought it up with the with the anecdote about the woman pouring a half half shot getting paid less. I have a couple of disturbing clips you love that so if you remember Knbr Foxy Knox The Amanda Knox or whatever name is. She's was arrested in. Italy went four years in jail for some she didn't do. I'm pretty sure she didn't do it. Murdering her boyfriend in Italy and it was some crazy stories along store. People can look it up. She has a podcast now on real crime very popular topic topic in the podcast space. It is intact. It turns out about ten of these podcasts. And they're all very popular. They're not this is more of. Oh the true crime. PODCAST is a very big. It's big business and people are turning it into Netflix shows. It's if you WanNa go you WANNA go true crime. In fact it's now lawsuits by magazines newspapers and investigative journalists against podcast who are using their work on credited. That's how big this it doesn't surprise me in the least we credit our stuff It all started with serial Dan kind of debt that triggered the oil everyone. What does everyone thinks cereals was a it was a podcast but is really more of a recording of pretty much of A? It's a podcast. It's probably over Roxie Foxy Roxy. Who you'd think would probably not call herself data? Try To tone it down a bit. So she brought in Laura. This is a special event in front of a large audience and I have to assume from the response of the audience. That's a large audience of women Um and go back to the women thing now I very disturbed by these two By the these two clips So she brought on Lorena Lena Bobbitt who cut off her husband's penis. Yeah John Baba and threw it away through the truth through the car window. You know something like that. I believe me I know now cheeks brings her on her her podcast and Dan. This is the we get to hear the response of the audience. This is foxy Knox Lorraina. One her name is literally and God low but you probably know her by her former married name. Lorena bobbitt in nineteen ninety-three after suffering years of domestic violence silence and sexual abuse by her then husband. John Cheated something that shocked us all. She made worldwide headlines Lines and that turned her into a target for abuse harassment and the casual cruelty of most of us especially comedians and started this long overdue conversation about marital rape and abuse. She cut off Viz Dick. I knew it was coming so the crowd goes wild. Oh yeah that she's. This is by the way of violent. Act Just Vincent Dawning violence and is cheered appeared. There's a hypocrisy here. Debt is a very deep level. Very disease very disturbing if people listen to this and you think foxy Nuxie. Would they have a after being Imprisoned falsely imprisoned. We have a little more sympathy toward This sort of corruption. which is what this is for as I'm concerned? This is a corrupt Audience but let's listen to what she actually introduces her and brings stage because she has had the courage to reclaim her identity her narrative her legacy and she's become become an advocate for other battered women. So I am honored to share the stage with her so please help me in welcoming Lorena Gallo all right. Get that microphone seating on it but yes so so how does it feel to be sharing the stage with Foxy Nazi. Oh brother you. I hate my invention todd casting. It's horrible what are we. By the way that whole Lorena Bobbitt Lorena Bobbitt was not so cut and dry to coined a phrase as it seems there was a lot of stuff going I lived in Manhattan at the time I was on Z. One hundred in the morning so I it was not as simple as it sounds but to hear women Kootenai and Holler and like that but at the same aim time to not even bat an eye that Harvey Weinstein the most Dushi. Est All douchebag a holes is going going to get off Scot free no admission of guilt by just paying twenty five million dollars to. He's not even paying it to. WHO's paying Oh? I have a clip. Oh my I mean I just want to say women I can speak for both of us. We know Harvey Weinstein's things we know this is the lowest of all low scum. His guys a total Dick douche knuckle barf bag and your and yes. It's everyone's going to opt for the money so the guy and he'll be doing movies again because of this. No no one's pressing charges. No one wants to follow. Hello what do you mean. It's not true. There's there beef. Play the clip update. Okay Okay let's see on the same day. Harvey Weinstein used a Walker to enter the court where he's facing criminal charges. A potential twenty five million dollar settlement with the more than thirty actresses press' and other accusers who filed civil suits against the former movie producer. According to The New York Times the time saying Weinstein would not admit any wrongdoing and he wouldn't pay the accusers but insurance companies for his former studio which filed for bankruptcy would make the payout. He'll be able to basically walk away from almost all of those cases without out paying any of his own money to those victims a quarter of the overall settlement according to the Times would pay lawyers for Weinstein and his former company Accuser Zoe. Brock tells Dell's NBC News. This settlement breaks my heart. I have signed it only because I have explored every other legal option and at this point have found no alternative the advocacy group. Time's up also panning. The deal too little. If this is the best the survivors could the system is broken but also women who are relieved Who feel like listen? There was as the legal negotiations went on and the pot of money that was going to go towards them got smaller and smaller. There were concerns of whether or not there would be any civil settlement. It reached The New York Times report. Several high profile. Accusers would not be part of the settlement Weinstein's attorneys declined to comment on the potential settlement. He has pleaded not guilty to to all criminal charges earlier. Today a judge raised his bail after criminal prosecutors said he tampered with his electronic ankle monitor. More than fifty times. A Weinstein Attorney told the Criminal Court. He's having back surgery tomorrow and they insist he'll show up for trial on January six. Okay this is a settlement in the works. Meaning it's not a done deal. It's not a done deal yet at the New York Times reporting that it would have to be approved by judges and with some lawyers for accusers. Already objecting it's possible could fall apart art okay. So could but still people want the money. Yeah they're all signing off on the money again brings up a number of issues victims pleasant to discuss not for me and especially not if we if we do it properly and now it's time for your sexual harassment Rasmus update to it's a segment now and we're talking as producer so we can say these things but I don't I don't like it. I don't like the idea that he basically he does if he gets off with. Just the money gets away with it. There are still criminal cases. This says nothing to do with that. Okay we'll see. So where's where's my money is that he's not going to be doing anymore movies. Oh I'll take that bet he will definitely return to. The movie. Is a baby comeback black kid anybody. Nixon is a good guy all of a sudden and a come on up. Please you can be the you know. America Erica loves a good Comeback Story. Matt Lauer will also come back. They're all GONNA come back. It takes years. There's always a way and people forget because people boot don't remember stuff they just they. Just forget but for some arguing that point now for for some actual uncomfortable. Talk this something. There's a big story which it's the verge of all publications broke and it kind of falls flows into noodle boy and the millennial workforce and I think there's a real problem that That I hadn't realized But now that I've I've read this store I'm talking specifically about the CEO of of away the luggage company if you follow this story I never heard the luggage. So the away company is they. They're like specialty. Solti direct to consumer luggage brand. And it's actually quite affordable. What is luggage really? It's a it's a five dollar. Shell that they that they stencil stencil out in China. Throw a liner in. And then you know you put us snazzy label on it you sell it for one hundred and fifty bucks. It's I mean it's a great business business so these two women who were buyers. I think they were in one of the big One of the big retail companies dating. They learned a lot about how this process works. And they started this company away and away stores you can order it online of course but they have stores and their whole thing is all about the customer customer. The product is is is secondary. It's all about the customer experience they have all these bull crap words Customer Experience reince professional th-the just rife with all of these terms and but warranted on thick as what you're trying you say Eah but But they they really try to keep this culture of their company. Were all about the customer. The customer the customer. Well anyway she was kicked out all batch she was kicked non. She was kicked out of her own firm because of the abusive nature of the company and herself. Oh for own communication and this is a three part series that the verge did and as I'm reading it you know there's just so and I think this is where the main problem stems from.

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