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Eleven minutes to go in the game. A nine point lead off this eleven nothing run. And here's Johnny Dawkins loves to use clock. Allen works to the left side goes pick and roll for doc in the ball knocked away out of bounds off of dock ins, a lot of contact underneath Memphis got away with one there. And the Tigers will get it back, but they are suddenly down by nine put a game of runs. Four five six points one team five or six the other which seems going to settle down the last ten minutes here. Run. This thing out. It's Tigers come back here and get a couple of buckets here. Get back down Martin looks over at penny. He calls the play as he brings it into the front court against his zone. Hairs Harris on the right side. They go to Davenport at the right of oh, he'll stop. He'll pop. Nobody gets it. Right back into taco. He puts it up and taco just picked up his fourth. That was a smart play by Davenport once that ball missed. He got it right back, and he went right into the chest of taco fall. Davenport's going to get to is only got four points in this game. He's only. Three rebounds in the game. One of those is that offense aboard the first free throw up in now decision time, and you think Ronald come in. And he will. So they'll save taco ten thirty five to go in the game. Let's remember that falls fourth probably son. You weren't supposed to pick up their pool of foul. Let him have it. More common for Keven Davenport, knocks it right down. So he's got six to the game now, and it's fifty three forty six or seven point game. Just where we were at the half, some nine minutes and twenty five seconds ago. There's some pressure by the Tigers try to bother Amir..

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