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Continuing coverage of President Trump in Zona with MAC and Gaydos. Arizona's news station. KTAR news ninety two three FM. An hour and some change and you're going to hear the president of the United States speak from Mesa six thirty right here on KTAR. I'm seeing a great picture here. Mack of the president and Martha mcsally in front of missiles while they are Luke air force. I would expect them to we've got Trump examining bombs inside a hangar at Luke air force base out from what we understand check out the hardware. Nothing wrong with. No, not at all. He got. He got in the cockpit apparently of the actual plane now that I need to see a picture that I would like to see Michael Dukakis moment right there. That could be used in next election against them. You know, why Trump getting into the cockpit of a plane because Trump gets away with a whole lot of stuff. And that's not going to be something that's down talk about the danger zone. You see what I did? There was yet top top gun. I know being remade. Let's go out to Mesa joining us. Now live KTAR news reporter, Ali vetnar. All right Allie. You've been hanging out with Trump supporters. Tell me where you are. And what you see? Right now inside the hangar speech right now. They're actually just about to start tonight off with a prayer right now, I'm pretty much on the tarmac outside of the hangar. Nothing but dumpster, or I guess garbage trucks and semi trucks blocking off security, and again, they're praying behind me if you can hear that. But there's nothing, but right, white and blue in here. A giant American flag huge banners to play. And everybody just got handed make-america-great-again side. Sorry veteran support some things of that nature alley earlier today, we talked to you, and you were outside of the hanger, and there's so many people around and they were wearing some interesting stuff. Can you explain some of the I guess I don't know the hawk couture walk out of the ground. I was pretty unique. Or unique outfit everywhere. You look. I spoke to a woman from Southfield who had a pretty tight striped on that make America great again that she apparently bought online. She said she would looking for America America, great again hat, but she simply costs address is. I it was the most beautiful thing. She told me she bought it six months ago, and that she couldn't find it eventually where to and she was like, I gotta go to this is where the stress and she smiling ear to ear and was professing her love about Trump and how much she she has such a Royal. You can have her address with your knees. I saw wearing a shirt that said CNN steak new things like that. We saw the man in the twin trikes shirtless. What's wrong? Swimtrunks look like they were the American flag. Oh, okay. Okay. Yeah. E veterans out at the Mesa gateway airport like Apollo creed. You know, block boxing shorts kind of right? Didn't have the body like Apollo creed. That's exactly right. It's gonna go. Allie probably the boxing shorts and that was the only resemblance to Apollo creed. The dress that this woman war. It was almost like a sash. It goes from one shoulder down across, you know, her stomach down to the opposite side of her hip make America great again. But it is amazing alley you're saying to that people were outside waiting to get in. And it was like some kind of weird reunion. Nobody knows each other. But they're all here to see one man and the crowd, you said was like excited, and they're you know, they're all getting to know each other. Well, now, it's inside what is the crowd like inside. And is it packed? Anybody else allowed in you know, it's only right now, I can't. The end of the people. But I I if you can hear it they're doing the pike allegiance right now. It looks like yell side in the parking lot is also an extended the people like there's no way that we could be letting any more people in the parking lot. And I know the overflow parking already messy and were hearing traffic. I mean, obviously. Masks over here. There's so many people. Hey allie. Did you did you see there were a few African Americans who were there, and they were wearing like t shirts, and they say their group is called blacks for Trump. Yeah. I did see them earlier. They were. I would be ten fifteen people. They have white shirts on that set blocks for Trump, and you were kind of going up and down the line up people eating ticket in security chanting black for Trump's USA things like that. And people were hearing them on closer to entrance. I saw them taking photos with police officers, and they were happy we take up on fourth day. We love our first responders things like that. And I don't really think there's really out of the kinda quotas with them. All right Allie from what we understand. It's very hot inside the hangar. So make sure you stay cool. And we'll talk to you later. Okay. All right, calculator, guys. Pause. Somebody on Twitter said there's been a call for an ambulance. There's that's happened all day. Exactly. There's it's hot inside the hangar. Now. There's no breeze. Yeah. So I mean, people are going to they're going to be cramps. It's going to be tight. They're waiting for the president at six thirty. He's at Luke air force base. Now, he's introduced Martha mcsally Luke air force base as at a round table and has introduced Martha mcsally and says, she has a very very strange opponent is that's right. That's the quote, I see on Twitter. So that's what shot fired. I guess a very very strange Apollo opponent. Right. Okay. Well, this should be good. All right. So Trump in Phoenix Mesa. Really? That's where he's going to speak tonight. It's at six thirty all right trumping in town, trying to help Mick Sally is that going to move the needle for mcsally. Or if you're an independent. And you're watching this and already a snide comment from Trump towards cinema. If you're an independent is that kind of push you towards cure cinema next. After you used. Ninety three. They sound like friends it's not in this necessary. Just co workers like friends and a good team put together quick stories gives me something if I want to later on research.

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