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Most readers assume the article was simply an invention of the eighteen ninety eight novel considering that the book his fiction after all in fact the article was real but it too was fiction and written by the same author as the novel itself Alf in the context of wells career. This provided a delightful if somewhat mind boggling example of just how Meta his work could be but for a Ufo the phone through it also hinted at an intriguing possibility. What if the war of the worlds was right and that I text mentioning gray like creatures? Church really was a prophecy. Not About Man's future but about a real alien race wells did did present the gray creatures as fiction but many things he presented his fiction. His novels turned out to be real eventually. His writing seemingly predicted everything from the airplane. In the atomic bomb to satellite television and the World Wide Web one example shows up in his nineteen twenty-three text men men like Gods where wells presents a futuristic utopia where people communicate exclusively through wireless systems which look a whole lot like a mix of voice mail and email Simon James Professor of English studies at Durham University and former editor of the official journal of the H. G. Wells Society. The explained wells was an imagination in a hurry. He wanted to get to the future sooner than it was going to happen. That's why he's so predictive addictive in his writing. He was a true visionary and perhaps his vision of aliens in the war of the worlds was yet another example of his imagination. Asian spying a future reality even for wells. The Gray like aliens he described in the war of the worlds seem to have struck a nerve. He couldn't quite get them out of his head. The war of the worlds wasn't wells. Only science fiction novel to describe extraterrestrial fuel beings in terms matching his man of the year million article his nineteen o one book the first man in the moon presented the moon's inhabitants similarly he described them as follows. They resembled man. In maintaining the erect attitude ended having four limbs and I have compared the general appearance appearance of their heads and the joining of their limbs to that of insects I have mentioned to their fragile slightness. Wells called these creatures selling nights after the Greek Moon Goddess. Selene he also mentioned their short stature and their big heads as well as their sophistication and intelligence intelligence very gray like in appearance interestingly however the gray like aliens wells described in each of his texts played very very different roles and exhibited very different behaviors. Here they maintain their own complex society beneath the surface of the moon but in the war of the worlds they were little more than Chattel simply food for the dominant Martians. Most readers attribute the evocative imagery in different storylines lines in both texts to wells rich vivid imagination that same imagination that won him the title father of science fiction but just like his present descriptions of technologies resembling atomic bombs and Internet. Perhaps wells gray like aliens were also an eerily really accurate prediction of something real to come. His work certainly went on to influence other authors. But these strange aliens aliens started showing up in real world extraterrestrial sightings to coming up. We'll discuss the evolution of the greys from the stuff of satire and Scifi to the stuff of news reports and exposes says now back to the story in eighteen ninety three the first written record of a huge headed lustrous. I'd humanoid appeared in the work of science fiction author H G wells. It wasn't long before these creatures were populating. Other science fiction books. One was in nineteen thirty three Swedish novel by Gustaf Sand Grin. who used the pen name? Gabrielle Linda like Wells Aliens signed Zongren. Extraterrestrials had large heads in is weak chins and a short stature but wells work didn't just influence other SCI FI writers it also inspired one of the greatest pranks in US history in one thousand nine hundred thirty eight Orson Welles. NO RELATION TO H G narrated and directed in American radio play version of H G wells the war of the world. The sixty minute broadcast presented. The first I two thirds of the show as a news bulletin describing odd explosions on Mars followed by apparently unrelated report of a strange object. OBJECT FALLING IN GROVER MILL NEW JERSEY. These news reports were interspersed with musical interludes like any radio broadcast but then they. We started to get stranger and scarier. Martians emerged from the fallen cylindrical. Grove's mill and then they attacked hacked. Listeners were terrified. Thanks to horsing wells ingenious presentation. A swath of the public was convinced. The story wasn't fiction but breaking news. Hanoch erupted according to some reports up to a million people ran out into the streets. There is trained on the sky looking for descending aliens. The scope of hysteria was likely exaggerated by contemporary very newspapers looking to discredit radio as up. Reputable News source but the central fact remains. The radio. Play was extremely convincing. This was in part because of the news bulletin gimmick but it was also because the story was so compelling H. G. Wells extraterrestrials Seemed real and their ties to reality would only get stronger in the years to come beginning with Barney and Betty Hill. Frequent listeners may recall our episodes on their story middle aged interracial American couple Barney and Betty Hill claimed that they'd been abducted from rural New Hampshire back in September nineteen sixty one by a crew of aliens throughout the Cold War and its accompanying space race and technological innovation and there was increasing real world focus on extraterrestrial life. Something we've discussed throughout this show. Humanities is on the sky in in a new way and they were seeing strange things up there including plenty of UFO sightings some were easily explained as human aircraft satellites or other airborne technologies others. Were harder to identify. But the story of Barney and Betty Hill was one of the first ever reports of of an alien abduction. The hill couple shared graphic details of abuse apparently suffered at the hands of their alien captors. Their her story gained international attention making headlines. Far beyond their native New Hampshire their story came together slowly with the help of hypnosis this and at different stages of their psychological evaluations the account played out differently but the predominant image of the hill abductors was of of tiny humanoid creatures with enormous slanted. Black is in other words. The grays somehow the same visual characteristics that H. G. Wells noted in that 1893 article were showing up in a nineteen. Sixty one New Hampshire alien abduction. Listen but the presence of the GREYS didn't end with the case of Barney and Betty Hill in the late nineteen seventies UFO researchers. There's dead into an alleged extraterrestrial crash in Roswell New Mexico. They published their findings in a nineteen. Eighty book called the Roswell incident. Thanks thanks in part to their investigation. The Roswell crash which apparently occurred in nineteen forty seven is one of the most well known extraterrestrial sightings of all time time but it's iconic for reason the list of people who may have seen or who may know something about Roswell is endless white. The story have Barney and Betty Hill. We've covered the citing roswell in detail in earlier episodes but what would like to focus on. Here is the testimony of one nurse who who story was shared. Second Hand in Nineteen ninety-one book by Donald Schmitt and Kevin randle called UFO crash. At Roswell Glenn Dennis Arroz well resident working at a local funeral home in nineteen forty seven told the nurses story to the book's authors. He was apparently a friend of hers whom she confided. Fight it in and although he never named her he explained what allegedly happened to her. For the sake of this episode will call her Lucy. Lucy was working at the Roswell Army airfield as a nurse in early July nineteen forty seven. She walked into the infirmary as usual. But she'd missed a memo telling all regular nursing staff to stay away. She wasn't supposed to be there but she couldn't unsee and see what she encountered. Inside that building the infirmary was swarming with men in plastic sanitary suits. Their faces were covered with surgical surgical masks and they were all examining a pair of Cadavers unzipped bodybags. The corpses were small and mangled the size of children but their proportions weren't those of children atop their gauntlet bodies were large bulbous heads completely completely bald and on those heads enormous slanting is but few other distinct facial features no ears here's teeth noses just like h g wells had prophesized. The Roswell aliens were like the Barney and Betty Hill aliens NHS grays. But this still wasn't the end of the real world gray sightings in nineteen eighty-seven writer Whitley Lee strieber up to this point. Best known as a horror novelist wrote a non fiction book on his personal experiences with extraterrestrial life called Communion mm Union the book chronicled strippers terrifying inexplicable.

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