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Like jovovich is unique because he wants the crowd to like him who've mean what tennis player doesn't Like how did stephanos city pasta like it. Whether u s open crowd was not with him. No nobody likes that. And i mean you can go back to novak. I don't know what your will it was but like inviting john mcenroe down from the booth and hitting with him. He's done so many things to try to be like. Hey i like you guys. Please like me back. And this was the moment where the crowd was like. We are ready. We are ready to love you. and it was. It was really poetic. Because there is no moment in novak djokovic his career he deserved more love than that moment after the ron that he had that he had made at this grand slam and in the final match. It wasn't going to happen but it was. It was such an incredible wrong. Yeah no again. You look forward to neo medvedev. Who as you mentioned gets over. The finish line holds at that five. Four game Does not face a break point in that game to get his first grand slam title. You look the atp media info some of the things he accomplishes. Obviously here's the list of grassland men's singles champion for a first time champion since two thousand five rafeh jovic del po. Murray stan tshilenge team deal medvedev. Eight guys since two thousand five. That's onless to be on. You look forward. He's a knife different. Us open men's champ in the last fourteen years You look at the locked by the way. Yeah that's right. By far the most of any of the slams the other there have only been four different men to win each in the last fourteen years and by the way that speak. Sue fourth grand slam on the calendar. Things are always going to get a little bit. Funky you look. He becomes the fifth or excuse me the third russian man to win a grand slam kafelnikov one to ninety six ninety nine staff into two thousand two thousand five now. You have to kneel medvedev as well. You look broadly than that mavrodi. Kanu become first pair. First grand slam singles champs at the same event since gaston gaudio and has an anastasia myskina at the two thousand. Four roland garros. Were you alive in two thousand four. I'm just kidding Diaper still now. You're offers that at little bit past that Last pair of first time. Grand slam champs at the us open with sampras and gabriela sabatini nineteen ninety you look of course for medvedev. He denies novak the calendar grand slam. He'd comes first man since rafa in two thousand ten seconds since lendl in eighty seven to drop only one set on way to the. Us open men's singles title. I mean again. Four deniro medvedev. This felt like a long time coming. Four masters titles on hardcourts year end finals on hardcourt that he was a champion of he'd made finals of the australian open finals of the us open just. Was this final hump getting over the finish line. In what was so impressive for him is that he was a front runner from start to finish..

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