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Got it she got it. Her radioactive thoughts on six pack chinos options. The person who kept bumping into the table at plays house party. It was either kid. Balau chill we. We we ca- y'all out too The long out now she was a year and a half old. When lay down. We right right. that's right. Yup yes another house house party the off. Oh minds off. It's all your earphones off. Maybe the controls. What is the question of question for. Yes whose nickname in house party was dragging breath. Oh man come on was it. Chill was below. Was a peewee. It was a kid. Come on come on. Come on okay. Who had the beverage that martin have birth or did outta breath. Give me the name again. bad breath was either chill. Balau peewee or kid. I don't remember repeatedly agree to you. Got an air close breath. Well that's right sure. Thank you okay. Played below him. I didn't know kid has a bad breath or kid did not have. He was the star of the movie. Thank you i was thinking de was only one that didn't have a girl will night didn't need it. He got played it either napoli because he tried to kiss raining. Peewee because you can. We have our strongest blacks coming up next now. We got the group. Maybe we can still get those stores. Dow the score is cumulus eight small family nine while we haven't done any right. We have nine. Yeah they lost. We have eight. That's how mathworks took the numbers go in reverse. We're counting down from ten you start. We know pocket aces. Start all calm. We still talking. you've already. what does mystical. I ask you to do after you. Shake your ass all right. We got to make a bar one day. I thought those were the harder ones are supposedly. Maybe feel and he's it's okay. What does mary j. blige not want in her dancing house as events. You shouldn't even read the options right. You know you just happen to conferring. We should be able to do that. Executive options to be like. I just had these folks and we sitting around here like some dumb motherfuckers shit. Do you think david duke san party question. Maybe three man arts do pig options. You can still no options to my turn all of this answer. She's still searching for a real love on my senator heart frey. Mary j. back our first album. Her first single was remind me it was from. Just i could mirian an attack the second i thank you. Let's go me all right fontaine right. Yup what city was martin luther king junior born in. I feel bad that knowing we can. I wanted her firm. We there is collusion. We desperately who knows this answer. Redbook ill.

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