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Saw you got mandate on your. I didn't realize it was that bad. It was a splinter you get like almost like a like a split could could from this. You got the metal strapping on the the tape debate. The no fabric band. What is now below. It hurts like a bitch just a couple more articles to here. And we'll let you guys get back to what you gotta do now this segment right here. We're gonna call is what are the chances. What are the chances. What are the chances. What are the camp. So what are the chances means you ever seen something like my wife does stuff all the time. I do myself if i throw something to her. You know hey catch this and it bounces and goes point point point and then land in like a cup and i'm like what are the chances of that happening. You know meet thrown this to you or did you do something weird. You tried to pick things up and you drop something bounces and goes right into a some kind of had something weird happen if you're carrying a bottle of maple syrup or something in a glass jar. Where the chances of a break no. That's not what i'm talking about what i'm talking about. Just weird things. Like if i were to throw the say this pen over to you and you missed it and it bounced around and it landed in your water bottle right there. What are the chances of that happening. Well you tell me about when you had that jaren you broke it against the counter. And he said what are the odds of that happening. You said when the tedious when when i made boiled tea and i tipped the yeah and you told me. What are the chances that happen. What are the chances now that we've define. What are the chances damn out. You're all on the same. These videos were gonna play right. Here are exactly what you say. What are the chances of that happening now. For every podcast we do have a matching video as well and you can see these videos live and real time as we're talking about them here on the air and the way you do that is over to profit radio. Pr hdtv radio dot com and click on deacon live. You can see that as well now. There have been videos out there dan. I know you've seen this before. Where the shows that crazy intersection like in. I don't know what asian town i don't know if i'm being racist by saying that. It's just a cluster of of cars. Just moving all but every no one hits anyone. No one hits it like bangkok or something like that. It was driving around in their scooters and buses and cars. And it's just like it's like a free. It's like the wild west out there but it's the wild east. I guess it would be there well far east so and you seen those videos right. It's like poetry in motion. Everyone knows what everyone's doing everyone's going to certain place. No one hits anyone or and anyone now this first video. We're going to show you right now. This woman right here in australia. The traffic cam captures this video. So a nail biting footage released from australian authorities shows a car with a woman and child inside careening through traffic barely missing several vehicles while traveling at high rate of speed in northern territory police forces investigating this september twenty second incident and coconut grow a toyota helix which we don't have here in the united states. The pickup was seen driving towards darwin city around five. Pm when a female driver lost control. Police said now she failed to make the turn as you can see. Her narrowly avoiding all traffic from both directions ongoing and upcoming waiting for the traffic light vehicle crash eventually in a nearby business. What were you gonna say dan. I got to see this all right here. We go so. Let's switch screens here. So we can all be friends and this is going to have a real quickly. And i'm gonna play this probably a couple of times so go if you look at the split us up so everyone can see it if you look at the far left hand side of the screen right there there she is. How many how. Many lanes of traffic is that dan. Yes one-two-three five vehicles lanes of vehicles straight across sideways ninety degrees through these cars and never hidden his. Wow i'll play when you're exactly right. What are the odds. No what are the chances told you. Think about that dan. I thought that's incredible. You can say what are the chances. Yeah what are the chances of that million in one so there you go and you see that video and it's it's weird to see that like people say claim higher power people claim all this other stuff but i what are the chances of that heaven. Now here's the thing. Dan your big fan of baseball. I watched patient big fan of football. But you seem baseball. You know the rules of baseball. You understand how what happens and all that stuff that happens in baseball now right in the middle of this baseball game of see. Find out the tigers pitcher tyler alexander hilariously through pitch way up in the crowd after the the trump the pump. The up call timeout now. The plate umpire has complete control over the game. He can call timeout at any time during the game. Whether something happened in his job he sees the whole field. So if something's not happening there's something someone comes over the fence on the back wall. He has he has something. I'm the eyes and ears of the whole if the batter steps out of the batter's box. Anything anything supposed to disrupt the play. This actually going to happen. The will call time now in this video right here. The calls time. Time out. Right in the middle of pinch. Now when you're in the middle of pitch you know you're talking major leagues. You're talking the pros. You got all that talk. You got your whole body going. You're trying to get ready to throw this ninety eight mile. An hour fastball. Down to jose sanchez batter's box and the uncles timeout. Right in the middle of the pitch and here is the actual pitch to happen. Let's see if i can lay this ready. Here's the bench times. Call hold off to the crowd for safety wise. He didn't want to throw the pitch at that. And you can't stop. you emotionally. Hurt yourself got to see that. Very often Foul balls but not pitched balls into the stands. They'll show it again here happening. Timeout guys. Stop there. I met deceleration with ball in there. You sick and the kid and the backyard's cold there closed eloquently. Did that so we wouldn't hurt his arm. You can't just stop the emotion correct where we're going to say i was gonna say back in the back. In the fifties there was a major league baseball pitcher name ryan doran and the guy had real real thick glasses. Sorry say it again. And he had real thick coke bottle glasses and he was a relief pitcher and he would come in and throw the first pitch so wild and out of the way that he scared the other. Batters think this guy is blind. He can't see me and he throws the ball on inside of the plate and these guys would just afraid that he couldn't see what he was doing and he was a great relief pitcher and stuff but it was. Psychologically they sit where restoring saw on the ball. That's pretty intimidating now. Very intimidating is now the kids are going back to school hormone. Fix these videos here so now. The kids are going back to school and not that they're being released like recess. So it's kind of like. What was the article. We were talking about where the cows are taking over the beaches. Because there's not a whole lot of people on the anymore and then they were also finding in the cities that rats were taken over the city's because there was no food there and people weren't eating and so in things happened in the deck at this school right here. Kids aren't playing on the playground anymore. So the live animals. The wildlife is coming out and playing on the monkey. Bars are playing out in the place. You're going to see monkeys. No we're going to see a teacher catches a mama bear with her baby bear playing on the jungle gymnasium and jungle new gymnasiums got the slides and everything on it and this teacher. Let's see a teacher here. In north carolina was filmed in mama bear and her cub playing around on playground equipment at the school where she works while she says this is the first time she's ever seen this happen. She thinks of the bears have visited this playground before. Like i said so here we go. Here's the video. The bears up top and here comes the baby bear trying to get up on top of the steps and all that stuff in different ways to achieve the top took away from me. She comes to this hour woman walking up the stairs going to get on the slides on mama's going down the tall slide. That's the baby. Bear tries to imitate mom changing minded. She's waiting at the smaller one. That is cute. That's nice so the mama bear's playing with the baby bear and they're playing on the playground just because you know they don't have to worry about kids and stuff because i've been out there for the last two years and it is a playground. They should be playing. He should be playing. We have all you guys listening to us downloading us and doing all the stuff that links us to you and you'd us well makes you go to profit. Radio dot com. Click on all the social context. And all that stuff. I'll be right here. This is the feedback getting. My name is beacon saying tonight with more..

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