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Core right it's two sound courtesy fox sports fourteen years ago do you believe that yes the names steve bart men who was dropped into our lexicon and into our society in into the ether that we follow in sports as a cubs fan who reached out history and didn't really reach out by the way he did he had every right to that baseball as a fan where he was sitting except four moi's as our lou as you heard of the tag and you can hear it and you can see it where nuts because he thought he should catch it and in fairness noises as glove was really gently net sold underneath steve baartman's hands there to catch that ball he was but you know what it changed that dudes life forever well the story is now a realistically has a happy ending issue the cubs have a utter this story to give steve bartman a ring a world series ring after winning last season after what was then thirteen years later from the misery that steve bartman had to go through right now this brings up a lot of questions and a lot of good things to talk about doesn't it it really does you can sit here and say oh i what i want you to break down the seventhinning middle relief for the cubs they're no matter what you talking about bar no this this is sports because sports are really really motion all times in this one got out of hand this one went nuts this was ridiculous that's what makes this story so special not necessarily special it a good way but special and truly memorable what's steve bartman in the wrong yes yeah if you're that cata fan like he was look i would be the guy at el it's kind of a joke but i would be i would if i in that exact seed and i'm although railing in a foul territory area that can be in play relatively frequently right on these foul on the foul i ever dude who would have been taken the their headphones out i don't need to listen to whoever was broadcasting that night i need to be yelling and everybody robbie get back moi's this got this right moi's this where are you get back everyone i.

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