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I know some people thought he threw some good balls. I I didn't think he was that good last night. And here's what he said about a great season. But. I five words. Good is not good enough. We didn't finish the way we wanted to finish within do the things we needed to do to execute and be successful in this game. That's all it is good is not good enough. They were hanging their heads to. And then here's Nick Sabin on the kid, and you know, he tried to recruit Trevor Lawrence. They all did. And the six six kid at carterville Georgia who idolizes Peyton Manning went to Clemson in the decision that changed the balance of power in college football and here saving on that quarterback. Was no surprise to me. You know, I think he's played extremely well all year long. We knew that there receiver. They're receiving core was probably the most talented that we've seen as a group, you know, all year long, eight five thirteen those guys are really really talented guys. And again, I started earlier we had opportunities to get off on third down. We couldn't we couldn't get off the field. I mean, they were like eight of eleven at one point in time. Ten fifteen for the game. And we gave up big place now. Just I down or we gave up big plague. So that in the combination of us, not finishing drives. I mean when you look at the stats of the game, and they basically had the ball for the last ten minutes of the game. But if you look at the stats of the game, you know, their yards and all that are fairly well well done Nick Sabin, he handled it, and you know, no doubt has gotta staying does. He Daboh get him twice. Ed. We'll see as Polly said next year in New Orleans. We just book these same two teams eight came here is a phone number. If you guys were there, you want check in any offer any observations on Levi's the atmosphere eight oh, eight K NPR's the phone number. Or if you want to text it in four one five eight eight Cambier is the text line. We'll be right back on Cambier six eighty the sports leader your natural. The. Murph.

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