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Cheeseburger six piece chicken McNuggets or small fries price participation may very cannot be combined with any other offer is what brought you by McDonald's on ninety five point five W. SB mark Kirk Mellish will refreshes five day forecast he continues to pour over the data of that monster storm system that'll me moving this weekend in the metro Atlanta and when is it move outs he'll let you know between now and aid and you wanna make six figures go work for Taco Bell that story's next WSB news time seven forty four it's always a great time to visit the island but this January and February we added a few extra enticement in honor of our ninety second birthday enjoy a ninety two percent off your third night of a three night stay and take advantage of our mild temperatures with twenty percent off most outdoor activities including golf kayaking and fishing prefer to stay inside our Forbes five star spot you'll find twenty percent out there as well don't miss out on one of our most popular events the seventh annual creativity conference January seventeenth and eighteenth with extraordinary thinkers including Pixar cofounder Alvy ray Smith or giant squid expert even better or you can always just take a stroll under five miles of private beach the island should be one of your new year's resolutions to book visit the island dot com or call eight five five eight three three nineteen forty seven offers apply to new reservations only for stays in January and February at the cloister main building and wings subject to availability and other conditions may apply hi it smiling mark McKay I want to tell you guys about orchard to homeowners here in metro Atlanta we're looking to sell an orchard have the modern stress free solution for both of them let's start with Jane she got a new job and was in a hurry to move orchard gave her a cash offer in twenty four hours she skipped the showings costly upgrades and repairs and she got to choose her closing.

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