Virginia, Murder, Robert E Lee discussed on Charisma News - Christian Leaders React After Charlottesville


Earlier this month the city of charlottesville virginia was the site of a racist protests that spiralled out of control and led to the murder of an innocent civilian in the wake of this tragedy christian leaders spoke out against hatred and oppression find out more after this break journey interrupted is a film about how five people's lives were affected by their pursuit of identity it's a compassionate film beginning with their childhood stories of abuse and identity confusion which led to an identity outside of biblical sexuality as you watch this film begin your own journey of compassion and understanding as jesus walks with them from beginning to end share with these individuals as you here you matter you belong and you are loved go to journey interrupted dot com earlier this month a statue of confederate general robert e lee was removed in charlottesville virginia this move prompted a group of white nationalist going by the name unite the right to gather at the university of virginia with torches and march for their cause it has been called the largest whitesupremicist event since the civil rights era marchers shouted slogans like white lives matter and blood and soil the protesters gathered again on saturday this time encountering counterprotesters who opposed the fascist and racist rhetoric of unite the right the two sides fought and a speeding car driven by a white supremacist rammed into the antiracist protestors killing one woman and injuring at least nineteen others.

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