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Hello folks. Let's jump into it. We have news podcast today. There's a lot of news that broke yesterday like it's been like weeks and weeks of a drought of news and like it. Seemed like everybody decided to like announced their new things and just for. I don't know why it was but there was just a ton of new news yesterday. Maybe feel alive kind of sad but Chris. Let's start with something that Brooke today. Actually and that is that. Westworld is getting renewed for four season and might be planned for six season run. What do we know yes? Here's something that doesn't make me feel alive instead. It makes me grown inside because west raw bad now but people are not bad. No it's really so people are still watching it though so H. B. O. Has ALREADY GONE AHEAD? And given it a four season and while it's not official yet Behind the scenes rumblings indicate that Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan. The the show runners are pretty much attached to make six seasons in total so not only is. Are we getting another season? We're getting two more seasons after that. Apparently which I'm sure we'll make someone happy but not me. Hey I'm happy. Crest does me. I'm wondering crisis. Okay let's talk. Let's talk briefly about West from I? Guess Spoilers for the end of season two. It's not really spoiling anything. Because they're marking the whole marketing for season. Three reveals this so season one took place in the park season to explore other worlds within this. Delo spark structure in season. Three outside of the park into the future world itself. It all seems like this season is going down to an end game of you know. There's this Big Evil Corporation who owns a simulation of everything in existence and Dolores and it almost felt like this season was going to end point. That could end the series so I guess my question ups. Where could this possibly be going because I feel like every season has been kind of like an onion peeling off another layer or peeling into you? I guess from the inside out the core out and and like an onion. It stinks and makes you cry. But what's the what's the other layers? What are the three other layers? We're going to get to because I I. You know I'm right there with you. I honestly don't know where the show going from here because this season has had nothing to do with the parks which is fine but this season like at the moment. It's all about like bringing down society. I guess as we know it so maybe like the next next three seasons are going to be sort of like planted the apes thing where it's like robots have taken over the human world. It's only thing I can think of because that seems to be where this season is going. Where Delores is bringing down all these you know human things and maybe the next season is going to be you know robots roam the earth. This is me just spitballing. I have no idea all I know is I wish the show would end. I'm GonNa Still Watch Chris. I I think that could be cool if we actually get the Ark of the robots taking over the world and then eventually the human uprising to regain it. No Yeah I said when I wrote this story up that even though I'm not happy with the season if if they pull off like a killer season finale then I will reluctantly watch the next season but for now. I'm I'm really not enjoying what's going on with the show. Okay speaking of nodding not enjoying things. An another hunger games movie. Hd What we all need in the world right now. Another Hunger Games movie Lionsgate has officially confirmed that. They're moving forward with an adaptation of the Hunger Games prequel novel the Ballad of songbirds and snakes and this hunger games. Prequel we'll tell the origin of the series villain president snow. Who's played in the film by Donald Sutherland? This is an adaptation of the upcoming book that Susan Collins has has written. It'll be published Some time in May may nineteenth. And it's been in the works for about a year now with talks and discussions Kind of going around. But now lionsgate has confirmed are officially moving forward with it and That Francis Lawrence is returning to direct the film after Helming the last Three hundred eighty movies corrected catching fire and mocking Jay. Part One and mock Jay part two. So he will be returning as well as a few of the of franchises old creative team including Nina. Jacobson who bruce. All the hunger games through these is anybody excited about this is like I feel like hunger. Games is one of those phenomenons that even the people involved didn't understand why it was so big. Yeah I I definitely am not excited. I don't think right. Now we the world. Is You know excited about an anti here. Movie about rich white man's rise to becoming a tyrant but Yeah I don't think that I mean other than Donald Sutherland. Who was fine in the movies? I don't know if there's a big appeal to this character Read all the Hunger Games Books? Thought you know they were okay. They had some good ideas. But sort of the juvenile writing style and then a really really bad ending kind of soured me on the entire series and the movies themselves were just kind of fine as well. I. They're a little too I came a little too late for me to get onto the on board the way hype train for it. So it was just It was a phenomenon that also escapes me. Kind of I watched the last movie. 'cause I hated the ending so much of the book but I can't say I'm excited about this prequel movie. I guarantee Kiefer Sutherland to play the young Donald Sutherland. That's my question would actually be fun. Rick how young is the character as a teenager because that wouldn't work but if he's like thank you actually? They should get a teenager because that would be amazing. Another thing that I think. We're not all excited about. Let's talk about Venom to Penn. Tell us about that. Yeah so there are two little pieces of news here about Venom. To one is that the release date has changed from October. Second Twenty twenty which is when it was originally supposed to come out is now coming out next summer. So June twenty fifth twenty twenty one is when thin them to will be unleashed upon the world and the more interesting piece of information is that it now has an official title which is Venom Colon. Let there be carnage. Which a Chris. Evangelista liked so much that he actually changed his username and our slack channel to Chris. Evangelist let there be carnage. It's a good tidal. I'm not GONNA do. We need this Chris. I'm getting notifications on my phone throughout the change it back your phone just updated. It was a one day thing. 'cause LIKE WHY DO. I have to be reminded of this title. All Day Long. Yeah I so we don't really know much about the movie I mean. Obviously leather carnage is referencing. The character of carnage which is played by Woody Harrelson. He brags briefly appeared in the first minimum. I'll be honest with you guys. I never watched the. I still have not seen that movie even though I know most of the people of this podcast happen and even like some of its moments. Remember Jacob specifically going to bat for like a couple of moments from that movie. I haven't seen it yet been solidarity right. Maybe I'll get around to it but I'd totally forgotten that Andy Circus is going to be directing the sequel. Which like I think. I wrote the new story about that when it happened. But that's how little I care about the these non. Nc You any marvel movies right now. That I just totally forgot. That was the thing that's happening but that is happening and Yeah so I guess Tom Hardy. Coming back to fight carnage this time and now they have an eighth an eight month delay to hopefully make the movie. Is You know as good as it can possibly be. Well that may be delayed. But Warner Brothers is not going to delay the release of Hbo Max's their new streaming service. They have announced the official one St Hd when are we going to get HBO? Max Yes we knew for months that. Hbo Massively Launching Some Time In may twenty twenty but now we have learned the official launch date is may twenty seventh. Twenty twenty Warner media has set this launch date and announced a slate of six Max originals of the not called. Hbo Maximum Max Originals That will be debuting on day. One which include a new Anna Kendrick series. Who apparently is kind of the GO-TO NEW PLATFORM STAR? She has a series on Abi and on Disney plus. She has a film on Disney. Plus now has a series on love life so you know peacock series when which is called Love Life Sundance documentary on the record. A underground ballroom dance. Competition legendary. A crafting show called crack topiary a new looney tunes cartoons and the sesame workshop's the not too late show with ELMO. So this'll be. Launching may twenty seventh now and That's coming up soon. I know we're all stuck at home or looking for more content. Is any of this exciting to you? It's not too late show with elmo actually looks kind of fun even though I'm not the target audience for it. It just seems like a real fun spin on the late night. Variety show format with John. Laney shows up so I just Kinda WanNa see John Laney's episode because he already seems like sesame street character come to life and so yeah. That one's looks fun. I like the idea that their new looney tunes cartoons. I'm no it's fine. It just kind of looks like it hits all the beats of like every millennial wrote the dating show like Romance Show But you know Emma. Kendrick has charming enough so I might check it out I am more excited about the sort of library of Warner Brothers content. That's coming with it. Like Warner Brothers as well as HBO and Various Affiliates DC entertainment etcetera so The doctor who series of new series coming on as well as friends and the Jubilee Collection. So it just it's more exciting for me for the library content than the new stuff but maybe once we learn. More about these new originals. I'll get I'll get I'll be lucky. My interest yeah. It should be noted that we do have the trailers for all those. Hbo Max Originals. And we'll put a link to that in the show notes. WanNa go check them out right now. let's talk about Warner Brothers. Wonder Media They I guess with the current buyers. They're now starting to rethink the theatrical model. Then what does that mean? I don't really know Peter so The Chief Operating Officer of at and T. Which owns Warner media and others said on an earnings call this morning that the company is quote rethinking are theatrical model and looking for ways to accelerate efforts that are consistent with the rapid changes in consumer behavior That's a pretty charged quote because without the proper context. You could take that to me in that. They might be thinking of abandoning the abandoning the Dakhil model entirely. I don't know if they're willing to go that far. In fact I would almost bet a large amount of money that they're not willing to go quite that far but you know we're living in different times now. So Warner Brothers has already implemented changes that just a couple months ago. A few months ago would have been totally unthinkable for this industry. Like birds of prey was made available on digital platforms way sooner than it would have been otherwise just yesterday that scuba with an animated feature that were designed for a theatrical release is scamming theaters entirely going straight to digital so. I think that's probably what he's talking about is just rethinking the options for every movie that they have and really like giving each film a close look and deciding which ones are worth saving for theaters. And which ones aren't We'd reported a while back that that there was a story going around. That Warner Brothers had actually considered releasing wonder woman nineteen eighty-four digitally instead of putting in theaters. Evidently that did not happen they. They bumped the release date. That's scheduled for August but the fact that they were considering it. I think sort of speaks to what this quote is talking about. They're rethinking theatrical model. What does that mean? Which movies exactly are they? Are they going to be dropping on digital which ones is going to be holding for theaters? There are a lot of questions here. But that's sort of where we stand right now. Yeah they're they're gonNA really Tenet straight to your small. Tv just the way. Christopher Nolan Watts but not going to happen at the most thing here is that quote was not to not come with any kind of like reassurances to the exhibition like community to NATO. And all those. You know these movie theaters like usually when you have a cold lake this. Don't worry you know this is just like a one time thing or just a very broad quote. That is intriguing. Possibly scary and made show us what what the future holds for us but You know talking about the future holding for us. There is this documentary called spaceship Earth in the neutral has just come out this from neon. And they're distributing this an innovative way. Yes this is really interesting. I don't think I've seen enough coverage of this online because Peter. Have you ever watched a full movie on a restaurant's website because that is every never week then everybody? What's going to happen here? So especially for. Is this documentary about these people. Who in the early nineties spent two years? Quarantine inside of this replica. Earth's ecosystem. So you can watch the trailer on on our website and everything and the movie itself looks interesting and finding a little bit like wild wild country but more contained cult stuff going on there by the way when you say replica. The Earth's ecosystem. Where like talking about like bio dome from like because I feel like that's the the most cultural reference of what this is right. Yes Yeah Anytime. Paulie shore is cultural. We're we're as a society but the release strategy is the really interesting thing about this. So they're going to be putting this. Neon is the distributor the distributors of movie parasite and Portability on fire..

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